eFintech Show 2017

March 22-23, 2017 in Barcelona, Spain


What is eFintech Show?

It is a cycle of conferences and exhibition focused exclusively on present the best and the most innovative technological solutions for banking and finance. Finally together the 30 mostĀ disruptive Fintech Startups selected by an expert group in a single event.


Why we are unique?

  • New to this second edition isĀ  that the first day will be focused on ā€œFintech Sessionsā€ and the second day on ā€œChallengers Sessionā€
  • Visitor could listen and learn from the elevator pitch of the 30 most searched Fintech Startups with the most innovative and disruptive solutions of the world.
  • The 30 most important investors and venture capital in a global level will attend the event
  • Presentations of the best international fintech experts of the moment.

Who attends eFintech Show?

eFintech is an exclusive event for technology executives of banking, finances, press, venture capital, analysts, bloggers and entrepreneurs. More than 30% are European and Latin American executives. As an exclusive event it is only accessible by invitation or upon payment of 350ā‚¬ for the two days.

By sectors

Fintechs, finances, banking, venture capital, insurances, others

By job position

CEOā€™S and directors, Founders, CTO, business growth, marketing, others

Distinguished participants of the 1st

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