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Edition 32 of The Fintech Times is here just in time for the weekend

Are we at the tipping point for open banking? In the latest issue of The Fintech Times, guest editors Ghela Boskovich, head of Europe at the Financial Data & Technology Association, and David Parker, founder and CEO of Polymath Consulting, discuss how the Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated the clear need for driving bank-fintech collaboration and made the case for better data access and mobility.

Boskovich and Parker have collated many great use cases of open banking with contributions from experts and key players across the industry, alongside warnings that unless education and effective standards and processes are put in place then open banking will struggle to take off.

Another hot topic in Issue 32 of The Fintech Times is financial inclusion – and how this is critical to economic sustainability in troubled times.

Contributors explain how delivering open banking paves the way for better access to education irrespective of socio-economic status or geography; improved health spending for the most vulnerable by extending financial inclusion to the under and unserved; and reduced risk with more alternative financing and insurance coverage for SMEs under shock crisis.

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