Ecommerce 101: Essential Components of Dropshipping

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Whenever you need to find products, eCommerce professionals let you find them, add them to your Shopify store and even make a direct shipment to your esteemed clients.

No inventories are involved, and it is risk-free. In this market place is where you will easily find excellent products to sell online. You get connected to suppliers across the globe. You can, therefore, browse their market place to discover their vast range of commodities which you can add to your store in just a few clicks. Their in-depth statistic can get used when machining the best decision whenever you are in search of a commodity to sell. You can check on the potentiality of any product before you embark on selling it. After the confirmation, you are ready to make the shipment of the product from the supplier’s warehouse directly to your client’s doorstep. Just by a click to order and confirm, the rest will get done for you.

Starting Up

One of the best things about setting up a dropshipping business with online gurus like Oberlo is that minimal initial funds are required. However, you should take into consideration all the expenses that you will possibly incur. The payments might include Shopify subscription, marketing budget, and any other extra costs for the first orders. Purchasing a custom domain will also add a small fee. It is as well notable that it is a bit less expensive in starting a drop shipping business, unlike it is when it comes to starting an official e-commerce store. You don’t need to source for commodities in bulk or even worry of delivery arrangements and costs. In short, it is among the best methods to start and run your web store. You can typically drop-ship anything, but it is highly recommendable that beginners try out a niche ore store first. There are several returns to starting with a niche store such as limited competition and ease of finding your audience.


You don’t need to worry about delivery after you have made a sale. Your suppliers will ship the products from their storage warehouse straight to the desires of the customer. Packaging and shipment of the product should therefore not be a thing of concern to you. It will cost you nothing to add commodities to your store with them. You can select a forever free plan and start doing your dropshipping today. If you are wondering whether dropshipping is legal or not, then the good news is that, yes it is legal. Any business can create their web store and sell their commodities on the internet without ever incurring the costs of processing or storage of the physical products by themselves. You can do the dropshipping through any website and online market.


The starter plan by market players like Oberlo is free and can be used to run your dropshipping store from any part of the world. Your geographical position will be irrelevant when running a dropshipping business because you will not be needing to worry about having a physical inventory. You will be able to use it for odes in unlimited times. Their other pricing plans are as well available on their official website. However, it only works with Shopify of which Shopify is a paid for the platform. It is also notable that several languages such as Spanish, French, and German are available but not English. This service is an app that only and exclusively works on the Shopify platform. It is not available on any other standalone website or eCommerce platforms except in Shopify. You can as well use it with the Shopify Lite plan that will allow you to sell products by the use of Buy Buttons which connect with a Shopify checkout.


Although the service is only and exclusively accessible to the Shopify platform, there is a Shopify tool referred to as the Buy Button. The button allows you to embed products or a collection of commodities on your website. If you cannot log into the online company, or your account is not connected to the Shopify store, then you can go to their website and click on the “Forget Password” button. You will afterward get an email that contains the guide to enable you to reset to a new password. If in case you have two different accounts, it is more convenient to access through Shopify’s ‘Apps’ page. This page ascertains that you have logged into the right account.

Recently, dropshipping has gotten a massive rise in popularity. Most entrepreneurs have already found their success by running their stores with this kind of business model. It is, however, still a relatively new concept to many people in business across the world. Various market players such as Oberlo will always help you find fantastic products to sell online.


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