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Searching for Mana Podcast: Earnings on Demand and Financial Wellbeing | James Herbert, Hastee

James Herbert is the founder and CEO of Hastee – an award-winning earnings on-demand technology that is offered as a workplace benefit. This enables workers to take a portion of their earned pay, on-demand, increasing choice and financial flexibility.

According to Hastee’s 2020 Workplace Wellbeing Study, nearly half (41%) of workers are now relying on at least one new loan, credit card or overdraft in order to make ends meet, while over a quarter (27%) are needing to sacrifice essential purchases due to a lack of available money. This week, Searching for Mana dives deep into financial wellbeing, as James sits down with Lloyd to talk about the ethical alternative to taking on debt from sources of credit and is designed to stop the cycle of accumulating interest fees facing those borrowing money month to month.

On the podcast, James tells Lloyd about his entrepreneurial journey from setting up a T-shirt printing business, through founding Brightsparks, a staffing business that has employed over 20,000 people from his dorm room, to raising $270 million with Hastee on a mission to allow workers to immediately access up to 50 percent of their earned pay at any point during a month.

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Check out Hastee’s 2020 Workplace Wellbeing Study: https://www.hastee.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/WWS20-HASTEE-Final.pdf

Episode Highlights

03:20: The Workplace Wellbeing Study

06:45: Payment cycles and its impact on our productivity

13:19: Biggest challenges for James so far

16:12: The power of financial flexibility and discipline

23:20: The journey of an entrepreneur

29:23: James’s mission and mana


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