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Earlymarket Invests In InsurTech Provider, Digital Risks

Early stage investor and incubator supports new digital approach to business insurance and protection against digital threats June 2017: Earlymarket LLP, an incubator and investor in early stage companies, has announced its investment in Digital Risks, a new digital-first insurance provider for technology and media businesses.

The family office was impressed by Digital Risks’ mission to disrupt the traditional insurance structure, whilst protecting startup and SME businesses more effectively against the rising threat of cyber-crime and data breaches. Digital Risks specialises in solving the insurance needs of digitally focused startups and SMEs using a quick and simple online platform.

The team has developed its own unique broking infrastructure, automating and simplifying the process of buying and managing business insurance. This allows Digital Risks to offer its customers more competitive pricing and better products, all through one seamless transaction.

Policies offered by Digital Risks include public liability, employer’s liability and contents insurance, as well as more specialist cover such as professional indemnity and cyber liability. All products are sold as a monthly subscription, rather than an annual commitment, giving fast-growth businesses the flexibility to change or cancel their cover at any time.

With the Earlymarket’s founder having a background in insurance, Earlymarket LLP sees this exciting insurtech company as a valuable addition to its portfolio, and is committed to supporting the company’s rapid growth. It has already taken advantage of Digital Risks’ unique offering, by obtaining its own insurance policy, ensuring its in-house ventures are fully protected.

Cameron Shearer, CEO and Co-founder of Digital Risks, commented: “The industry needs to evolve in so many ways, from distribution to customer engagement,” he continues. “With Digital Risks, we’re shaking off its negative reputation and making insurance work for the customer.

That’s why we’re so excited to be partnering with Earlymarket. They immediately understood our goals and want to actively support us in creating genuinely innovative products for modern business insurance customers.”

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Stephanie Schultz, Earlymarket LLP


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