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Early Wage Access Helps Over 90% of Users Manage Financial Stress Finds The Access Group

Software provider, The Access Group has found that 93 per cent of users who have the option to receive their wages early have reported this as helping them to manage their financial stress. Stress largely caused by the cost-of-living crisis.

Other findings from the survey showed that 28 per cent of users expect to access their salary early on 12 or more separate occasions this year. For comparison, only 17 per cent of users utilised EarlyPay, The Access Group’s early pay solution, 12 times or more in 2021 and 2022.

Access EarlyPay allows employees access to the pay they’ve accrued so far in the pay period, rather than having to wait until payday. The survey of just over 1,200 users found that:

  • Employers’ loyalty has risen from 47 per cent in 2022 to over 80 per cent in 2023, in part due to employers offering early wage access.
  • The proportion of people who value early access to their salary has grown from 55 per cent to 72 per cent over the last two years.
  • Nearly three-quarters (73 per cent) of those asked said they’d find a future employer more appealing if early access to pay was provided. Furthermore, 55 per cent agreed that it is one of the most important benefits an employer can give.
  • Of those who were asked, 79 per cent of people agreed that EarlyPay helped them rely less on payday loans, credit cards and other expensive forms of credit.
Relieving the stress of waiting until payday

Commenting on the results, Abhishek Agrawal, director of Access EarlyPay, said: “Our survey has highlighted a change in behaviour as the cost of living crisis hits more households, making it difficult to afford the essentials like groceries, energy bills and transport.

“Although it’s a worrying time for many people, having the option to receive your money early can relieve the stress of having to wait until payday – promoting financial well-being across organisations.

“Many have cited the freedom this gives as a real boost to staff morale which in turn reinforces retention and staff productivity. In fact, our recent survey revealed that 45 per cent of EarlyPay users have taken on extra shifts, highlighting the significant motivator that faster wage access can be for employees.”

Andrea Dunlop, managing director of Access PaySuite, The Access Group’s payments technology division, added: “Although the latest findings have come off the back of a concerning crisis, we are encouraged to find that some employers are doing everything they can to support their staff.

“Employers can’t control the cost of living crisis but adopting this payment technology can make it easier for staff to stay in control of their finances, which helps to alleviate stress and tackle the anxiety of uncertainty. On-demand pay enables people the flexibility to access the wages they’ve already earned as and when it’s most needed. It’s not a loan, and there’s no interest to pay, so those who are struggling can continue to make ends meet without the fear of building credit and falling into debt.

“In addition to supporting those with a real need for early access to their wages, it can also offer those who are more financially secure the empowerment to manage their own money in a way that works for them.”


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