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Dubai Islamic Bank Launches DIB XTRA to ‘Empower’ Customers Looking to Achieve Financial Objectives

Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB), the UAE-based Islamic bank, has launched ‘DIB XTRA’, an offering that will reward customers who open a salary transfer account with the bank.

With DIB XTRA, Dubai Islamic Bank aims to combine a rewarding banking experience with an enticing array of benefits and incentives for both existing and new customers.

One of the main aspects of the campaign comes in the form of a ‘Guaranteed Welcome Bonus’ of up to AED 7,000. Customers can also boost this figure by an additional 15 per cent when they open their account via DIB alt digital banking. This bonus is available to those who choose to transfer their salaries to a ‘DIB XTRA’ account for the first time.

Customers who decide to transfer their salary to a DIB XTRA account will also be eligible to enter a draw, which will pick four winners to win their entire year’s salary, with a maximum prize of AED 125,000 each. UAE National customers participating in the campaign will receive an extra entry, boosting their chances of winning this exceptional prize.

DIB looks to help ‘customers achieve their financial objectives’
Sanjay Malhotra, chief consumer banking officer at Dubai Islamic Bank, DIB XTRA
Sanjay Malhotra, chief consumer banking officer at Dubai Islamic Bank

Sanjay Malhotra, chief consumer banking officer at Dubai Islamic Bank, said: “Our top priority is meeting the needs and aspirations of both our existing and new customers.

“We view this as our central mission, and we are constantly exploring ways to reward them for their trust and loyalty. A satisfied customer is the bedrock of any successful bank, and that’s why we are delighted to introduce this unique salary transfer initiative.

“We believe ‘DIB XTRA’ will empower our customers to achieve their financial objectives. Whether it’s building a secure financial future, saving for significant life events, or investing wisely, we want to be there every step of the way. We want our customers to feel supported, valued and appreciated as they navigate their financial journeys.

“This initiative also meets a very important aspect of ESG, which is inclusivity, as one of the primary objectives of the campaign is to make it available to all cross-sections of citizens and residents of the UAE.”

DIB remains committed to enhancing the banking experience for its customers, rewarding them in all their interactions and at all touchpoints by meeting their needs with convenience, simplicity, and efficiency.


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