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Dropp Launches Payment Services for Creator Economy With SubscribeStar, Inara.World and Chillfiltr 

Dropp, the world’s first cost-effective, digital micropayment transaction platform enabling payments both in FIAT ($USD) and cryptocurrency, has incorporated three new merchants, SubscribeStar, Inara.World and Chillfiltr onto its payment platform.

All three merchants join Dropp’s payment system to financially empower independent content creators that use their platforms to connect with their fans. Through the integration with Dropp, authors, musicians, videographers, graphic artists and others in the creator economy now have the ability to accept micropayments for their creations and be paid immediately and in a cost-effective manner increasing their revenue stream and helping with cash flow.

Dropp offers a profitable micropayment option with dramatically reduced transaction fees relative to credit cards. Dropp offers a profitable micropayment option that has been built specifically to offer a cost-effective option for small-value payments. The technology is designed to give merchants pricing flexibility that enables purchasing options such as pay-per-use, micro-subscriptions, micro-royalties, micro-donations which help to retain and attract a new customer base as well as opportunities to add a new revenue stream. Dropp gives consumers affordable access to products and services on an a la carte basis that may have previously only been available via a monthly or yearly subscription.

Dropp’s micro-payment platform is designed with the new emerging creator economy in mind and works particularly well for independent content creators and firms that host musicians, graphic designers, instructional video creators, game developers, and NFT creators. The platform provides creators the ability to accept micropayments, micro-donations, tips, micro-royalties, and recurring payments from fans. Dropp’s cost-effective fee structure, capabilities like inbuilt automated referral incentive, offers, payments in FIAT & Crypto and frictionless experience provides content creators all the key functions required to accept payments and grow their business.

“We are thrilled to announce that SubscribeStar, Inara and Chillfiltr are part of the Dropp ecosystem, as they all work closely with the Content Creator economy, where there is a huge need for a fair and timely compensation system for content creators, we believe Dropp will help turn creators into entrepreneurs and founders,” said Dropp CEO and Founder Sushil Prabhu. “Content creators and small merchants deserve a simple, straightforward way to make money in the constantly changing digital world. We are thrilled these companies share our vision of equitable next-generation digital payments.”


  • Polly is a journalist, content creator and general opinion holder from North Wales. She has written for a number of publications, usually hovering around the topics of fintech, tech, lifestyle and body positivity.

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