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Dojo Pocket Launch Aims to Enhance Customer Payment Experience at UK Restaurants

The rising cost of living has undoubtedly forced most Brits to reassess where and what they spend their money. One area many have recognised change is needed, is the amount of money spent on dining out – meaning more value is placed on receiving the ‘right’ experience than ever payments company Dojo has revealed.

With this in mind, Dojo has found that 20 per cent of Brits now appreciate the opportunity to visit bars or restaurants more than they did 12 months ago, as they feel the pressure more each time they have to dip into their pocket. Meanwhile, 25 per cent now seek out venues where they know they will have a great experience to ensure they get the most out of their visit.

Thirty-three per cent would also prioritise a memorable time in a restaurant or bar more so than they would the chance to save money, while 60 per cent are spending the same or more than they were a year ago.

Eighty-four per cent of Brits believe that the right hospitality is essential in creating the best possible experience when visiting a bar or restaurant, such as fast, friendly and efficient service and speed of payments.

Twenty-three per cent also revealed they will look for an alternative venue, and likely not return if a restaurant or bar looks as though it would take too long to serve them.

Around 29 per cent also prefer paying for their meals or drinks at the moment of ordering, with 56 per cent explaining that they enjoy their experience more when they receive the bill promptly.

Nearly three in ten (26 per cent) express their willingness to reward fast service with a more generous tip, suggesting a desire and appreciation for a streamlined and efficient dining experience.

Technology enhancing customer experiences

From this research, Dojo explains that technology can significantly help restaurants and bars turn tables faster and create a slicker experience for staff and customers.

As a result, it has launched ‘Dojo Pocket’, a new card machine the same size as a modern smartphone and ergonomically fits into a server’s apron or pocket.

Dojo Pocket enables servers to process orders and payments from guest tables and offers customers the option to pay there and then.

Overall, venues could save up to four minutes in service time per table, Dojo has suggested. This time is crucial to seat more customers and focus on the incredible hospitality that makes their establishment special and helps guests enjoy a memorable experience.

Jonathan Knott, head of customer insight at Dojo Pocket restaurants
Jonathan Knott, head of customer insight at Dojo

Jon Knott, head of consumer insight at Dojo, said: “It is encouraging to see that despite tough times Brits still seek to support both small and large hospitality businesses and continue to value a fantastic night out, enjoyable lunch, and memorable get-togethers across Britain’s high streets.

“Innovations like Dojo Pocket enhance the speed of service, allowing staff to focus on creating memorable experiences while turning tables faster.”

Dojo explained it believes innovative tech such as Dojo Pocket and evolved processes such as next-day payments to merchants are crucial innovations within payments.


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