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Does GLISSER spell end of death by Powerpoint? (Please)

Going Glisser

Presentations are a valuable opportunity to demonstrate a company’s latest developments. They can also be an opportunity to torture a captive audience with an ill-conceived PowerPoint presentation. We’ve all been stuck in the centre of the middle row, dripping with envy at the latecomers who have aisle seats, and therefore the ability to run for their lives. Using old-school presentation platforms to demo cutting edge products and services doesn’t make the best of anything.

Fortunately, finally, the end to such needless audience suffering is now achievable, although like most diseases, it may take a few more years to finally eradicate the problem once and for all.

Providing that WiFi is available (and let’s face it, these day’s it’s as important as making toilets available) presentations can now be interactive, engaging, and, at a stretch, even positively enjoyable and rewarding. At such presentations, the audience are not a passive thing to be presented to. They are a feedback loop, and an integral part of the presentation: participants rather than audience. It’s actually a bit of a wonder that it’s taken so long.

Last year, firms such as Investec, Visa and Amex were beaming interactive presentation slides live to their audience’s smartphones and digitising the note-taking experience. This is a smart move, an audience engaged through their phone as well as through the presenter is less likely to be checking Facebook, and more likely to be giving valuable feedback and becoming part of the presentation.

Integration of live Q&A, data capture, and audience polling are standard. The logic behind this is irrefutable. If you can’t get people off their phones in a presentation, you may as well get them on their phones as part of it.

[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]Go for Glisser, free trial it, today. Together we can end the suffering already. Please.[/box]


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