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Digital Transformation Continues to Innovate Thanks to No-Code Platforms Like EasySend

One of the major trends that has emerged since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic is the significant need for digital transformation, particularly within the financial sector. While the coronavirus situation merely accelerated what was already happening, the need for digital offerings is no longer a thing of the future, and businesses need to rapidly digitalise to keep up with the consumer needs. 

Whether it’s moving stacks of mortgage paperwork to a simple online experience, or enabling seamless customer onboarding experiences creating new accounts, digitalisation can be a huge game-changer to those within finance industry.

One way that businesses can achieve this digitalisation is through the use of no-code platforms, like EasySend. Founded by financial and tech industry veterans, EasySend is a no-code platform for building and optimising digital customer journeys in the insurance and financial services industries. 

While digital transformation doesn’t happen overnight, no-code platforms can help financial organisations to achieve scalable digital transformation that allows businesses to seize opportunities while meeting customer demand. By digitalising processes and forms, as well as creating applications as simple or as complex as necessary, the solution to the digital problem has never been easier.

What is no-code?

A no-code platform is a tool that can be used to build and develop software applications without the need for coding or having to hire a software developer. Third-party developers can be expensive to deal with, and in-house IT teams, particularly in start-ups, may not have the man-power or time to keep up with developing needs. With no-code, citizen developers can build, test and deploy business applications without any actual coding. The platform allows these “developers” to drag-and-drop software components in a visual, user-friendly interface that then connect to create a mobile or web app. Not only can these platforms help speed up digital transformation, but also allows businesses to give their customers frictionless experiences. 

These platforms are able to bridge the gap between the increasing need for software applications and the ongoing lack of software developers, allowing those with little to no coding skills to create fully functional business applications to help in their business efforts. It also allows IT teams and actual programmers to work on more complex issues and projects that greater require their knowledge and skillset, increasing overall business efficiency.

No-code platforms are a great resource for businesses aiming to scale up their digital efforts due to their ease of use. With apps easily customised and built exactly to each individual business needs and ability to work from databases to access and manage information from existing business systems, they are an ideal enabler of the digital revolution. Not only this, but these platforms can also help businesses scale in general by making better use of their available resources through citizen developers. It allows them to increase the speed at which solutions can be delivered and then replicate the success of no-code solutions by training more existing staff. 

With no-code a part of a financial organisations infrastructure, digital transformation becomes easier, as it enables organisations to perform efficiently and effectively. All-encompassing automation, the speed in which you end up with a final application through no-code, compared to using traditional developers, is a huge bonus, getting companies on the digital path quicker without compromising the quality of the customer journey. 

Ultimately, there are a lot of different factors that come together to fuel a company’s digital transformation. While the acceleration in demand for digital product and solution offerings has increased dramatically, there is no reason why a company can’t keep up with that demand with the tools at their disposal. No-code platforms help businesses help themselves meet the needs of their consumers without compromising the customer journey and this is something that is likely to gain even more traction as time goes by. 

About EasySend

EasySend empowers insurance companies and financial enterprises to convert paper, PDFs, and manual processes into fully-branded customer journeys. With the platform, users can design, build and launch customer processes in under a week, and continually optimize with advanced analytics and insights. The EasySend platform improves the customer experience, cuts operational costs, and drives revenue growth for enterprises. As the solution is designed with insurers and service providers in mind, it’s even preconfigured to meet industry regulations and compliance standards. EasySend is leading the way towards a no-code, digital revolution in the financial services industry.


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