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Designed To Support Underserved SMEs, Paysme Launches Its Funding Round To Expand Its Super App

A new fintech platform for SMEs has launched its £1million funding round on the private capital platform Globacap. This platform, Paysme, aims to Europe’s first-ever B2B Super App.

Paysme is already partnering with significant payment providers including Barclays, Railsbank, TOQIO, Bambora, and Cybersource to deliver a combination of mobile payments, e-commerce, digital banking, accounting, lending, and insurance services in a single app. Its FinTech platform currently powers financial services for over 3,000 underserved small businesses to accelerate their transition to the digital economy.

Paysme’s services are personalised for specific industry channels and the Company is working across a range of traditional enterprises that are part of the history and fabric of the UK’s local communities such as:

  • Fanslive – digitising football and rugby matchday experiences.
  • Marketti – creating an online shopping community for the high street traders.
  • Cab:app – a national taxi booking app for iconic black cabs and licensed taxis with professional drivers in more than 50 locations across the UK and Ireland.

Proceeds from Paysme’s fundraising will be used to continue enhancing and expanding its services to support over 1.3 million companies across the UK and Ireland with untapped potential due to insufficient digital infrastructures. This represents a marketplace of almost six million businesses in the UK and Ireland with a value of £111billion, and a further 25 million small businesses across Europe.

Derek Stewart, Paysme’s Founder and CEO, commented:

“Paysme is at the core of the circular economy, championing the needs of local businesses and the communities they serve. These companies are the beating heart of our high streets and have been decimated by the pandemic – with almost 30% of all small businesses closing for good. Our mission is to bring the high street and local communities back to life by giving them easy access to embedded digital financial services and reinvesting capital back into small independent operators through a customer ownership business model.

“The Paysme platform hosts everything a small business needs to run its business in the digital economy in an integrated, easy, and cost-effective way with one point of personal contact from a team with a deep understanding of their industry. It eliminates the need to use a multitude of different unconnected suppliers for mobile payments, e-commerce, digital banking and administrative tools saving SMEs time, money and stress, and solving sector fragmentation and relationship marketing.”


  • Francis is a journalist and our lead LatAm correspondent, with a BA in Classical Civilization, he has a specialist interest in North and South America.

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