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DataVisor Boosts Fraud Protection with SMS Verification Integration Powered by Twilio

DataVisor, the AI-powered fraud and risk platform, has expanded its end-to-end platform capabilities with the integration of SMS customer verification for fraudulent transactions, powered by Twilio technology.

It describes the integration as a significant step forward in its commitment to providing a comprehensive and seamless fraud prevention experience.

Customers will benefit from improved fraud protection through expanded end-user authentication and verification features, while experiencing a more seamless end-to-end fraud operation within the DataVisor platform.

“By integrating robust fraud capabilities and centralising intelligence, including third-party data and SMS verification, into the DataVisor ecosystem, we’re advancing our commitment to providing unparalleled protection against constantly evolving threats,” said Fang Yu, co-founder and chief product officer at DataVisor.

Customers can selectively target high-risk segments of traffic, sending fully customised SMS verifications instead of prematurely rejecting transactions or sending them for lengthy review.

The DataVisor platform also allows the storage of SMS verification results to prevent future redundant text messages and repeated user friction.

Last month,  DataVisor was selected by NYMBUS, a provider of cloud-based financial technology solutions, to provide fraud management across its suite of digital banking offerings.

Through the strategic partnership, Nymbus will harness the power of DataVisor’s next-generation fraud and risk platform to provide its customers with robust fraud protection powered by AI and advanced machine learning.


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