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Currencycloud Opts for Automation by Selecting Clausematch’s Regtech Solution

Currencycloud has ditched its slow and conventional document management processes by choosing to integrate the policy management solution of the regtech company Clausematch.

Currencycloud, a financial infrastructure and enterprise-class solutions provider, is to integrate the regtech solution to automate its document management processes; something the company admits has been manual up until this announcement.

Prior to Clausematch, Currencycloud’s policies and procedures were developed and maintained using archaic office softwares.

‘Sharedrives had to be organised, approval processes designed, reviews scheduled and versions managed, all as manual processes,’ the announcement reads.

The company has now pressed play on automation with its selection of Clausematch’s solution, which will allow Currencycloud to better manage its suite of policies, procedures and other business-critical documentation.

Currencycloud's chief compliance officer, Tanya Ziv
Tanya Ziv

Speaking on the integration, Currencycloud’s chief compliance officer, Tanya Ziv, comments on how the solution will “support us in managing the critical evolution of our policies and procedures as we continue to grow and expand.”

Adding to this, Evgeny Likhoded, Clausematch’s founder and CEO, describes the relationship as “a great opportunity…to work with a high-growth fintech company,” and how the relationship will test the company’s cabalities in handling “tricky compliance regulations across different geographies.”


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