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Cultural Shift Vital for Business Survival in Age of Analytics, Reveals Research

A cultural shift in attitudes to analytics will be essential for businesses to compete in the age of digital transformation, research has revealed. 

A quarter of the 500 professionals surveyed by MHR Analytics said resistance from senior management was preventing their company from adopting analytics, suggesting that many could be left behind as their forward-thinking competitors advance.

A further 23 percent said their company’s traditional reliance on manual spreadsheets was holding them back from taking advantage of widely available technology.

“From better planning and decision making, to smoother operations and automated processes, data analytics fuels business improvements.”

The survey of finance and technology professionals working in large UK organisations was conducted by MHR Analytics and Censuswide to understand the barriers some companies face in progressing their analytics capabilities, and their technological aspirations for the coming decade. 

Internationally acclaimed AI expert Bernard Marr and MHR Analytics have released a guide entitled “Advancing with Analytics: Spreadsheets to AI,” to help break down these barriers.

It includes practical tips and examples from a range of organisations that have managed to move away from error-prone spreadsheets and adopt more sophisticated analytics, and even artificial intelligence (AI).

Marr comments:

Bernard Marr

“For me, the examples in the guide demonstrate how the data maturity journey is about taking manageable steps, rather than huge leaps.

From better planning and decision making, to smoother operations and automated processes, data analytics fuels business improvements. Yet, for the average business, adopting advanced analytics techniques like AI is never going to be an overnight shift.

Adopting more advanced analytics can seem like a mammoth, unachievable task. That’s why I prefer to think of analytics as a journey, with analytics techniques gradually becoming more advanced as you progress further along the road.

A business advances on this journey one stage at a time, gradually meeting more and more business needs through data analytics.”


  • Editorial Director of the The Fintech Times

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