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Crypto Trends and the Rise in Alternative Personal Finance

As cryptocurrency celebrates its most successful year to date, analysis by and separate data from GWI has revealed the most sought-after coins in the market and the attitudes that surround them. 

The analysis by considered the number of times they had been searched for on search engines each month, and unsurprisingly, Bitcoin has remained in the limelight, scoring 24.6 million searches a month.

First created in 2009, Bitcoin has become the most successful and expensive cryptocurrency on the market, reaching an all-time high of $68,521 on November 5th, 2021.

Receiving an average of 13.3 million searches, the second most searched for cryptocurrency was Dogecoin. Mass public interest in the “meme coin” has resulted in unimaginable growth, with many considering the crypto to be a legitimate investing opportunity. The coin hit an all-time high on May 8th, 2021, reaching $0.7376.

Ethereum comes in third place, with 5.7 million global searches. Ethereum itself is an open-source blockchain, with Ether acting as the cryptocurrency, although the most common term for the cryptocurrency is Ethereum. The currency reached an all-time high of $4,865 this year, with the success of the NFT marketplace driving up the popularity and price of the coin.

SHIBA INU came in fourth place, receiving three million global searches. The second “meme coin” in the top 10 list, SHIBA INU has taken the crypto world by storm. The coin was created in August 2020, but already has market cap of $26.8 billion and growing.

Closing out the top five, XRP has an average 2.3 million monthly searches. The cryptocurrency is under Ripple and had seen a fall in popularity in recent years. After reaching an all-time high of $3.84 in 2018, the coin has seen a decline in trading volume, slowly regaining popularity once again in the past year.

Cardano comes in sixth place, with 1.6 million global searches, followed by Litecoin in seventh with 1.1 million searches, whilst Cosmos, Polygon and Uniswap come in eighth, ninth and tenth, respectively, with each holding below one million monthly searches.

The data presented in’s latest study is mirrored by similar research from GWI, which highlights how the increased public interest of cryptocurrency in the UK specifically is facilitating the emergence of crypto investors and alternative forms of personal finance.

According to their data, the number of cryptocurrency investors in the UK has increased by 57% since 2018. In addition to this, 20% of UK consumers stated that while they don’t use cryptocurrency, they are interested in doing so.

This is married with a 61% increase in UK consumers feeling more optimistic about their personal finances since Q2 2020 and 45% saying that saving money has become more important to them over the past year.

Chase Buckle, Head of Global Trends, GWI
Chase Buckle, Head of Global Trends, GWI

Chase Buckle, Head of Global Trends at GWI comments: “The last few years have been tough on everyone. These trends make it clear that after putting their lives on hold through numerous lockdowns, people want more excitement and focus again – be it via a change in job, or seeking more purpose in their work and life. While brands have been talking about getting back to ‘normal’ since the pandemic began, it’s clear that consumers have no intention of that. They want more than just the old ‘normal’.”

Adding to this, a spokesperson for said: “The growth of cryptocurrencies in recent years has been colossal, with no sign of slowing down anytime soon. It is very interesting to see the growth and popularity of ‘meme coins’, with many people now seeing great potential in crypto coins that were originally perceived to be a joke. It will no doubt be exciting to watch the growth of the market and to see how the industry evolves.”


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