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Sky Guo, CEO and Founder of Cypherium

“Transaction speeds will go up. The cost will go down. Inter-blockchain communication will become possible. Government involvement increased. New regulations will set in motion. Central bank digital currencies will emerge. e market will continue to grow, but become more stabilised.”

Dan Gailey, CEO of Synapse AI

“ICOs will finally start delivering products. More large companies will start embracing crypto in ways that make sense. We’ll see crypto become more widely adopted and integrated into operating systems, mobile, IoT, Robotics, AI and beyond.”

Patrick Palacios, CEO at Appsolutely and LoyalCoin creator

“We are optimistic that soon, the blockchain will get the recognition it deserves, and that fundamentally sound blockchain companies will prevail over much-hyped cryptos with less-than-ideal tech/vision.”

Jonathan Zeppettini, International Operations Lead at Decred

“Micropayments, such as those enabled through the use of Lightning Network, will allow for the monetisation of all sorts of content, and development of totally new business models and use cases for crypto (e.g., paying a few cents to read an article).”

Charles Michael Yim, CEO of Cointopia

“We’ll be seeing a lot more security tokens, especially ones that will actually represent equity. Altcoins will prevail and gain market share. We’ll see thousands of new cryptocurrencies coming out each month.”

Dana Farbo, COO of Augmate

“Educational institutions like Stanford and MIT will bring more R&D and curriculum into their systems, which will accelerate the development of more protocols and emerging startups.”

Carlos Domingo, Co-founder and managing partner of SPiCE VC, and co-founder and chairman of Securitize

“Some of the top ten cryptocurrencies will collapse and disappear from the mainstream. Decentralised exchanges will start growing faster and get closer in terms of trading to the current model of centralised exchanges.”

Barry Hayut, CEO and Co-Founder of Hayver

“ The incumbent digital conglomerates will launch blockchain-based extensions of their current solutions or buy emerging leaders and consolidate them into their offerings. The implementation of at cryptocurrencies by various governments will happen around the world.”

Eagle An, Co-Founder of MiCai

“Platform cryptocurrency (such as Ethereum) will continue to take more weight of total crypto market cap as many more DApps will be developed and put into practice. Vertical/industry based crypto and decentralised solutions will get more attention as it builds up the bridge between the current real world and crypto world.”

Denys Goncharenko, CEO at HighCastle

“2018 will be the year of regulations coming into place. Particularly, these are an introduction of new ICO regulations worldwide, and clarification of ICOs positionin regards to the existing crowdfunding legislation in US and UK. Consequently, most of the proper ICOs will be conducted as equity crowdfunding at the licensed fundraising platforms with the blockchain-based stocks issuance.”

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