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CreditOnline’s Partnership With To Bring Integrated Solutions To Crowdfunding Providers

The formation of a strategic partnership between CreditOnline, the Lithuanian creator of alternative financing platforms, and the attorney office will provide integrated solutions to crowdfunding service providers.

The Lithuanian creator of alternative financing platforms CreditOnline and the attorney office have together signed a strategic partnership agreement to provide integrated solutions to crowdfunding service providers. This one-stop-shop of legal and technology services is expected to help the crowdfunding market expand its business in the EU.

The formation of this partnership is a direct response to the changes to crowdfunding regulation in the European Union.

Beginning November 10th, 2021, the European Parliament and European Council regulation on European crowdfunding business service providers will come into power. It will bring fundamental changes to the EU’s crowdfunding market. From the aforementioned date, a company with a crowdfunding licence in any EU country will be able to offer crowdfunding services across the EU.

This means that crowdfunding companies established and licensed in countries like Lithuania will be able to serve the entire EU market.

Dr. Paulius Astromskis, Head of the Attorney Office,
Dr. Paulius Astromskis, Head of the Attorney Office,

As explained by Dr. Paulius Astromskis, the Head of the Attorney Office at, the favourable Lithuanian business environment and the growing reputation of Lithuania as the EU’s fintech centre could help the country attract new crowdfunding market players who would develop their business from Lithuania.

“Lithuania holds 11th place of 190 countries in the global Doing Business ranking,” Paulius explains. “This means that, in general, we can offer especially favourable business conditions to companies that want to build their business in Lithuania.

“Furthermore, Lithuania has markedly improved its reputation as Europe’s fintech centre over the past few years, with an ideal ecosystem and high-quality oversight. Due to these and a myriad of other reasons, the new crowdfunding market regulations could be especially favourable for Lithuania.”

Juozas Rupšys, Founder and Head, CreditOnline
Juozas Rupšys, Founder and Head, CreditOnline

According to Juozas Rupšys, the Founder and Head of CreditOnline, Lithuania has deep traditions in creating alternative financing platforms.

“As of late, platforms created in our county have been touted as some of the best in the world. For example, the financing solutions created by CreditOnline have appeared among the top 10 best platforms on the prestigious GoodFirms ranking,” Juozas comments. “In addition, one of the world’s leading service, product and software review websites, included CreditOnline among its Top 20 global loan servicing software creators.

“Furthermore, the rapid growth of the crowdfunding market in Lithuania shows that our specialists know how to grow this business niche. Lithuanian banking figures indicate that in the first half of this year, crowdfunding platform operators formed a third more contracts than over the entirety of 2020, and the combined value of financed projects has also grown by a third.

“One of the reasons for such growth lies in how both Lithuania and the entire Eurozone have seen citizen savings fluctuate around the historical maximum and so, people are actively seeking means of effectively employing their savings. For example, just in Lithuania, the citizens’ banking deposits increased by around €4 billion since the beginning of the covid pandemic, reaching €19.4 billion. Similar trends also prevail in other Eurozone countries. Thus, the new regulations will open up new opportunities for these investors to invest, for project developers to receive necessary financing and for crowdfunding platforms to facilitate the aforementioned parties’ deal-making.”


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