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Covid-19: Insurance Responses Around the World [INFOGRAPHIC]

Numerous insurance offers have emerged around the world in response to the Covid-19 crisis and particularly in Asia. P2P Protect Europe unveils in an infographic the main information to be retained from its study carried out on the launch of these covers.

While France has just entered a phase of deconfinement that could lead to a second wave of contamination, the response of insurance players to the Covid-19 crisis remains a major challenge. As shown by the infographic produced by P2P Protect Advisor – the consulting firm of the P2P Protect Europe group – many offers have been launched in the last 3 months in Asia, while much remains to be done in Europe.


Asia’s advance on the curve is due in particular to the advance in the progression of the pandemic, but also to eighteen years of prior experience, with the SARS between 2002 and 2004, which we have not experienced in the West.

Since February, the consultants of P2P Protect Advisor have followed the deployment of these covers and are constantly discovering new ones, varied in terms of the risks covered and their structuring models. By identifying emerging needs and solutions, they accompany and facilitate insurance managers in determining the best responses to this pandemic: “We are not at a time of pride, we must take the experiences where they are, and do better whenever we can without depriving ourselves of anything” said Tang Loaec, President of P2P Protect Europe, in an open letter to insurance group executives.


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