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The Countdown to GDPR… 299(ish) days to go.

Companies today are using data in ways that were unimaginable when the current Data Protection Act was being drafted. We’re talking about an era pre Google, pre Facebook, pre Uber. Pre internet as we understand it. When the Data Protection Act was conceived, the idea of one company being able to see tens of thousands of taxi rides in cities worldwide was science fiction. In the coming years, connected devices will be designed to make our lives easier. But if the past is any guide, they’ll also throw up issues which the legislation hasn’t foreseen.

That’s a challenge for the regulator, but it’s a challenge to businesses who want to – who have to – comply with the law. We’re all going to have to change how we think about data protection. The new GDPR legislation creates an onus on companies to understand the risks that they create for others, and to mitigate those risks. It’s about moving away from seeing the law as a box ticking exercise, and instead to work on a framework that can be used to build a culture of privacy that pervades an entire organisation. If a business can’t show that good data protection is a cornerstone of their practices, they’re leaving themselves open to a fine or other enforcement action that could damage bank balance or business reputation. Having the right mindset towards data protection helps to future proof a business. It will put it in the right place to keep up with legislation. And if your clients adopt this mindset, and communicate it, consumers will know the companies are building privacy by design into their products and services, third party arrangements and future uses of data. In May 2018 we’ll have new data protection legislation, both here in the UK and across the EU. The General Data Protection Regulation builds on the previous legislation: but provides more protections for consumers, and more privacy considerations for organisations. It brings a more 21st century approach to the processing of personal data. And it puts an onus on businesses to change their entire ethos to data protection. A word from Vega Solutions, developers of the Sirius secure internet shell, a front end system to keep customers data safe: Protecting data from unauthorised access is fundamental. Here at Vega Solutions we’ve developed a secure software with exactly this in mind. We call this system Sirius, it’s a secure web based front end which can be used to host existing or custom applications. Using a Sirius web portal can give you an added layer of security over the front of your existing applications providing you, your customers, suppliers and staff with safe web based access. The level of user access is fully configurable to match your organisation’s security policies and the system includes full logging to support compliance reporting. We would appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate functionality and pricing. You can find us at www.VegaSolutions.com Sirius is our flagship product and we would welcome the opportunity to chat about its flexibility. It transforms business operations across any sector, creating increased efficiency and security.



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