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Control Consoles for Security Centers

Security control centers, better known by the acronyms SOC (Security Operations Center) and NOC (Network Operations Center), are critical work environments where the operator manages large quantities of information.

The security of public areas and cities, airports and even military areas depends to a large extent on the work done in these centers. In today’s world, cybersecurity has already reached unprecedented levels of demand, establishing itself as another tool for national security.

Being able to offer the operator a functional and ergonomic work space with the latest integrated technology will be a key aspect.

Smart Consoles

Using the main support element for an operator’s tasks as our starting point, we should focus on the GESAB control consoles – in short, the user’s workplace. Relying on a space that is clean, functional and ergonomic is the foundation underlying GESAB’s work, a company with more than 26 years of experience in the development of control rooms and control centers.

All these requirements are met thanks to the company’s innovative designs and commitment to creating increasingly smart consoles, placing the operator at the center of the action. A new generation of customizable consoles is here: the ACTEA Series, which incorporate the Sit & Stand system and allow the operator to work either sitting or standing, thus creating a work environment that is even more dynamic, collaborative and ergonomic.

Turnkey Projects

Having the ability to develop a custom project from scratch can only be achieved by working closely with the client and knowing their needs. This is why GESAB has a team of architects, engineers and technicians who are capable of using studies in ergonomics and space design in order to execute the work and provide maintenance for the installations.

It is vital to know the type of work that will be carried out in the room, as well as the work schedule (remember that in most of these centers, work is done 24/7 without interruption), audiovisual needs, connectivity, etc. The ability to offer a completely customized project is one of GESAB’s strongest commitments.

DeskWall: the Control Center Revolution

Large amounts of information managed in short periods of time, numerous sources and tasks to be executed immediately: thanks to their experience in the sector, GESAB has managed to develop a solution that will revolutionize the way operators work around the world.

DeskWall allows the management, administration and control of equipment and sources of information by using a single keyboard and mouse, thanks to the multi-canvas concept. This is a new work philosophy that gives the operator the ability to generate a viewing space of up to 12Kh, with complete flexibility, where they can organize all of their applications, programs, displays, apps, smart apps, web services, IP video, streaming, social networks or widgets.

Custom projects with integral solutions and a quality product – this is GESAB’s strategy for creating the consoles and control centers of the future.


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