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Continuum and Plato To Spread the Word About the Power of Web3

Continuum comes together with Plato Data Intelligence to increase awareness around web3 through data intelligence.  

The web3 community think tank Continuum has formed a partnership with Plato to tackle web3 awareness within both companies’ communities. Plato is a data platform based in New York City with a focus on curating data intelligence regarding contemporary technology verticals.

As a result, the partnership will see Continuum’s partner brands benefit from the increased global reach offered by its partner Plato.

The partnership is focused on extending both companies’ active Web3 communities via increased brand awareness, engagement and vertical data intelligence using Plato’s content distribution and syndication network.

Continuum Plato Web3
Kristina Bruhahn, CEO and founder, Continuum

“Our goal is to help early-stage companies in the web3 space create cost-effective ways to generate brand awareness, social proof and SEO across a company’s marketing and outreach objectives,” explains Kristina Bruhahn, Continuum’s CEO and founder.

Plato’s content distribution and syndication platform will enable Continuum access to a range of publications and media outlets. This access is in conjunction with its own data platform driving web3 connectivity and data intelligence.

Bruhahn encourages engagement across the web3 community as it “drives knowledge across our ever-changing landscape.”

Despite the singularity of each web3 brand, which together work to remedy archaic web2 infrastructure, Bruhahn recognises how “they’re all faced with the same problems.”

“Regulations, commercial adoption press, marketing, development, capital raising, cybersecurity audits, compliance and licenses makes the sector very difficult to navigate,” she explains.

Above all, “we immerse ourselves deep into a brand’s objectives which serves as a testament to the way we deliver results.”

Adding to this, Bryan Feinberg, Plato’s founder and CEO, says “We’re excited to work with Continuum and see a perfect fit for our platform by delivering engagement opportunities for their growing community.”


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