Commodities You Can Pay For Using Cryptocurrency

In the business world, there are always two sides of a trade- the buyer and the seller. The seller has a commodity or service they offer the buyer in exchange for some value. And this value can be in the form of another product, service, or money. For a long time, people have been using cash to pay for things, but with the onset of the bitcoin and other cryptos, one wonders, can you buy, sell or exchange use them too?

Well, the answer is an astounding yes, but for this trade to happen, terms and conditions apply. These terms and conditions are tailored to different commodities alongside the companies that sell these items highlighted in this text below. And so if you would want to find out what these businesses sell and what some of their terms are, read on.

  1. Travel and Tourism

People are always traveling from place to place for various reasons. Some people move around because of business, others for leisure and others in search of greener pastures. Regardless, airports and all bus and train terminuses, as well as ship docks, are constantly full since the industry is always up and running. For that reason, money is always coming in. And until recently, some companies added the option of one to pay for their tickets using crypto.

Renowned brands such as Expedia now allow people to make hotel bookings on their site and pay using bitcoin. Another company that has this option is the CheapAir, which allows travelers to pay for flight and hotel reservations using bitcoins. Virgin Galactic is yet another company that accepts payments in the form of cryptos.


2. Food and Drinks

Ever wanted to buy yourself a pizza only to realize you are out of cash while you have bitcoins? Well, the good news is that now you can get yourself a delicious treat and pay for it using the bitcoin. Through establishments like Pizzaforcoins, you can order yourself and your family some pizza and have it delivered at your doorstep.

In Russia, there is a Russian food delivery service with about 90 restaurants onboard that allow their customers to pay for their meals using bitcoin. Before this advancement, none of the joints were open to this idea. And this shows you that crypto has become a connecting factor giving a chance to different restaurants serving different cuisines to unite under one venture. You no longer have to convert your bitcoins, you can now use them for food and drinks.


3. Shopping

Shopping offline and online is a booming industry that has a constant money flow. Every day, a seller is signing up on an e-commerce site to sell what they make. And at the same rate, buyers are making accounts so that they can purchase what they cannot get locally. Before, payments were restricted to credit and debit, but now you can pay using the bitcoin.

Big e-commerce companies such as Etsy have opened the doors for their sellers to receive payments using the bitcoin. Not only can you shop for clothes and household items on Esty, but you can get jewelry. Reeds jewelers are doing it as they sell their pieces and allowing bitcoins as a mode of payment. Bitrefill also allows its clients to acquire vouchers from top food chains such as Burger King and Dunkin donuts. WordPress is also a very well known brand that accepts bitcoin as payment.


4.Gaming and Entertainment

People who are into video games and entertainment have not been left behind. This industry is growing at a high rate, and so most sellers are shifting to accepting payments using cryptocurrency.

One very known household name, Microsoft Xbox, is a significant player using crypto for transactions. To pay for any game, console, or program owned by the cooperation, you have to have an active Microsoft account. You load your bitcoins on the account where the amount is deducted at checkout. The only disclaimer here is that you cannot be refunded, and for that reason, you have to be mindful of the bitcoins you load into your account.

Other companies have also followed suit and are using bitcoins for one to redeem gift cards for buying movies and games. Bitplaza and Coinmall are just a few of those companies that facilitate these transfers.


5. Miscellaneous purchases

Besides the things mentioned above, the list goes on and on. With bitcoin, you can also pay for your Dish subscription for satellite Tv as well as your internet payments. Properties, including houses and land, can also be purchased using the bitcoin. The Bitcoin Real Estate company is one of the professionals that allow bitcoin transfers. The value of the property is then equated to its value in dollars and Euros and presented on the brief of the property.

In addition to this list, donations to charity foundations from all over the world are also getting on board. The Binance Charity Foundation is one very known charity firm that allows the bitcoin. And the fact that the bitcoin is operated on a blockchain, the transparency of the transfers can be trusted.

Precious stones are also sold and bought using cryptocurrency, using bitcoin. You can get yourself gold, silver, or any other precious gem through companies like the JM Bullion or APMEX. The bidding price starts from a quarter of a million dollars, but if can match the amount, great.



In the modern world, it is evident that the possibilities are unfathomable. The fact that you can now pay for items using virtual money is mind-blowing, and it just shows us that the sky truly is the limit. Well, before you get to buy or sell using crypto, make sure you do ample research. And if you can contact the businesses mentioned above through their sites to streamline your transfer, even better. You could use the top 10 robot reviews website, for instance, to get reviews on the companies that use bitcoin payments. This world is changing, and so should you.


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