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Commercializing Blockchain: Strategic Applications in the Real World

Blockchain solutions are available, ready to use and are poised to revolutionise business, government and community – but organisations lack an awareness of the massive potential of this revolutionary new technology. 

A practical and accessible resource, Commercializing Blockchain: Strategic Applications in the Real World is a timely and non-technical guide to how blockchain can level the playing field between large and small organisations to help solve many of the complex problems today’s businesses face – particularly in the areas of retail, supply chain and consumer goods.

“The technology is ready, the people and the processes are the stumbling blocks and these are where the world needs to focus – changes are difficult for humans and we need to be open to this new technology, which will give us more trust and transparency in the world around us,” says author Antony Welfare.


Blockchain technology delivers benefits of tremendous value in complex business environments:

  • Trust: all parties have the exact same copy of all data
  • Transparency: all transactions can be viewed in real time
  • Security: data is cryptographically secured
  • Quality: all raw data can be traced to its origin
  • Reduced costs: middlemen are eliminated and audits are simplified

Commercializing Blockchain draws on Welfare’s extensive experience of implementing blockchain in prominent organisations – such as global retailers, global technology companies, University College London’s Centre for Blockchain Technologies, the UK government, the Retail Blockchain Consortium and many other sources – to present real-world case studies on the use and benefits of blockchain. Topics include financial transactions, tokenisation, identity management, inventory management, supply chain transparency, global shipping and freight, counterfeiting and more.

Covering all of the essential components of blockchain such as traceability, provenance, certification and authentication, the book will initiate readers into the technology and demonstrate, through both real and fictionalised examples, the types of problems that blockchain is best suited to solve. Further, the book will show how blockchain can add value and bring increased efficiency to commercial operations.

Welfare continues, “I believe blockchain technology will revolutionise all our lives through moving forward our tired and complex systems, to quicker and more efficient systems, simultaneously allowing us to establish a level of trust and transparency that has been lost in the current world. There is an exciting world ahead powered by blockchain technology.”

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