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Coffee and Cake Episode 3: Galileo Financial Technologies

As the financial services workforce continues to adapt to remote working, this series will look at how remote engineering teams are able to navigate both innovation while moving forwards towards greater change. Our panellists will discuss what a new, distributed workforce now looks like, alongside some of the pain points, including: siloed teams, difficulties in hiring top talent, and navigating when is the right time to hire.

In this episode, moderator Anthonio Pinheiro, Head of Delivery at Andela, is joined by Jeff Currier, CTO at Galileo Financial Technologies to discuss the challenges of managing a remote team in financial services.

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Jeff said: “If you’re a remote person it really levels the playing field in terms of your level of participation. It used to be the case that if you’re that one remote person participating with 10 other people that are in the conference room together getting your voice heard can be difficult. Now we’re on equal footing with everybody else and that’s been really great in terms of participation, contributions and new ideas.

“But it doesn’t come without a cost. People are on Zoom meetings, have slack messages and their emails and managing that information flow is actually really difficult. So one of the biggest challenges that we’ve been wrestling with is how do we give our builders dedicated time to build. As engineers or as project managers you really need that dedicated time. If you’re juggling all those different information triggers it can be very hard to do that, so that’s actually something we’ve been doing a tonne of experimentation with to try and solve.”

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