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Coffee and Cake Episode 1: Railsbank

As the financial services workforce continues to adapt to remote working, this series will look at how remote engineering teams are able to navigate both innovation and regulation, while moving forwards towards greater change. Our panellists will discuss what a new, distributed workforce now looks like, alongside some of the pain points, including: siloed teams, difficulties in hiring top talent, and navigating when is the right time to hire.

In the first episode, moderated by Anthonio Pinheiro, Head of Delivery at Andela, is joined by Stuart Gregory, Chief Product Officer, Railsbank, to discuss how the company navigated remote working and the challenges that arise from a distributed team.

To watch the interview in full click here.

“Financial services has its own set of challenges,” said Gregory. “We have a very international team throughout the world, but if you think about financial services, they’re very local. For example, thinking about how banking works in Singapore, most people in the UK have absolutely no idea. You have all of these super-local payments systems that exist in each market. And our local teams all understand them.

“The bit where it gets quite challenging is when the global teams are needed to contribute, and the communication piece about the fact there’s so much context you need to understand about these local markets. And particularly when you can’t travel like we have been unable to in the pandemic, you’ve really got to work to get people to understand the context of each geography as payments services are so domestic and local. We’re trying to build a very global platform for people to come to the platform and pull services from all over the globe and pull them together in a consistent way.

Watch the video in full here.

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