Co-living fintech house opens in Greenwich

StartupHome, the first co-living for young entrepreneurs in London, was co-founded by two mentors of Level 39, and is currently divided in two chapters: StartupHome in Whitechapel and StartupHome Greenwich dedicated to Fintech.

“It was important to have the Fintech home as close as possible to Canary Wharf where Level39 resides.” Tells Stefano Tresca, one of the founders.

“We’ve been looking for the best houses in the best locations. Take StartupHome in Whitechapel for example. It is literally 7 minutes slow walking from Second Home in Brick Lane and 20 minutes from the Google Campus.”

StartupHome will soon become a showcase for new smart technologies. The one in Greenwich already has a Bitcoin ATM and it’s the only house in the UK (maybe Europe) where tenants can pay with Bitcoins.

Co-living for young entrepreneurs and early stage companies already exists in Silicon Valley and also Berlin. London was clearly lacking in facilities for a 24/7 community of creators and creative types. Co-working spaces are almost everywhere now around the Silicon Roundabout but also in the West End and Camden area, but a community needs to be fostered also out of living spaces.

“Fintech Home and Startup Home are already hosting a great deal of entrepreneurs, mentors and journalists and we are now looking to expand to another house to give more people the possibility to enjoy our communities.” Says Nicolas Steiner, co- founder of Startup Home and Fintech Circle. Startup Home constantly organizes meeting, dinners and learning sessions with industry leaders and thoughtful entrepreneurs.


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