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Cloud’s Growth Hampered by Acquisition Struggles Finds GlobalDots

Directors and c-suite employees are finding challenges associated with buying cloud, web and security solutions. In fact, only eight per cent of 200 respondents said they didn’t according to GlobalDots‘ 2022 State of Innovation Adoption survey report.

GlobalDot is a cloud innovation organisation. It looked to find the latest tech trends and innovative technological solutions being used by DevOps, IT security and engineering departments.

Organisations of all varieties rely on technology more than ever before. The constant adoption of innovation is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity to simply stay on par in today’s fast-paced and competitive digital landscape.

In this environment, IT and security leaders are coming under increased pressure to show great ROIs from their investment in technology. All the while, they must be balancing operational excellence with business innovation. Due to current market realities, IT teams are short-staffed. As a result, they’re suffering from lack of time and expertise, making navigating these challenges even more difficult.

“We are living in an age of abundance when it comes to tech solutions for organisations. This makes researching and purchasing the right solutions for your organisation extremely challenging.” –Yuval Rachlin 

Tech acquisition challenges

An astronomical 92 per cent of GlobalDots’ survey respondents reported challenges in acquiring new tech solutions, highlighting the complexities that go into the decision-making process. Moreover, some 34 per cent of respondents said the overwhelming amount of options was a challenge when deciding on the right solutions. The report also revealed that 33 per cent admitted the time needed to conduct research was another challenge in deciding.

The report investigated how organisations went about finding support for their purchasing decisions. Conferences, exhibitions, and online events served as companies’ top source of information for making purchasing decisions, at 52 per cent.

Third party solutions, such as value-added resellers and consultancies, came in second place at 48 per cent. Some 54 per cent of respondents reported already using third parties to purchase, implement, or support their solutions. This highlights the value dedicated experts with in-depth knowledge of every solution across a wide range of IT fields provide.

Implementing cloud solutions

Respondents were recruited through a global B2B research panel, with 66 per cent from the EU, 24 per cent from the UK, and 10 per cent from the US. 32 per cent of respondents came from the software and gaming industries. The rest came from a wide mix of other industries including healthcare, telecom, and banking.

More than 1,000 global businesses, including industry leaders such as Lufthansa, Playtika, AppsFlyer, Wix and Paypal, trust GlobalDots as a cloud innovation partner. As a result, they are strongly connected with cloud and web technology. Through holistic, customisable solutions, GlobalDots provides companies with professional services and technology. It analyses its technological gaps in tandem with internal operations.

“Innovation is a fundamental part of today’s business culture. Our report reveals and details the most pressing technology issues facing businesses today,” says Yuval Rachlin, CEO of GlobalDots.

“We are living in an age of abundance when it comes to tech solutions for organisations. This makes researching and purchasing the right solutions for your organisation extremely challenging. At GlobalDots, we are the trusted third-party experts helping companies who may feel overwhelmed with all the available solutions, working with them to find the best solutions for their entire tech stack.”


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