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ClearScore Launches Savings Accounts Through Partnership With Raisin UK

The online savings platform Raisin UK has announced a new partnership with ClearScore, the UK’s number one credit checking service.

Featuring seamless integration into ClearScore’s website and mobile applications, more than 8 million UK users of the free online credit check service will be offered easy-access to the Raisin UK marketplace – where they can register, apply and manage high-interest savings products from any of Raisin’s partner banks. 

Discussing the launch Kevin Mountford, Raisin UK CEO, explained: “Since launch, ClearScore has successfully disrupted the market to educate UK consumers on a better way to manage their financial information – making them an ideal partner for Raisin. Our main goal is to empower UK savers with a better way to secure their financial future. We’re excited to be working with ClearScore as a strategic distribution partner and look forward to welcoming ClearScore customers to the Raisin UK marketplace.”

Justin Basini, CEO and co-founder of ClearScore added: “We want to support everyone in improving their financial wellbeing and by partnering with Raisin, we’re helping more people save for a rainy day. With interest rates at their lowest level for many decades, finding the right account can be a minefield but whether they’re saving £10 or £10,000, our users can now seamlessly compare accounts through their ClearScore app.”

The news follows the recent announcement that Raisin closed a Series D funding round of $114 million to expand its offering, and the recent launch of the Raisin UK Account – a one stop account for UK savers to find, fund and manage a range of rate busting savings products offered across the Raisin UK marketplace.

ClearScore users can apply for savings accounts through Raisin UK via their ClearScore account, where they will have access to the Raisin UK savings marketplace and exclusive offers when they become available.


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