Chris Bates of Bitland Global joins Speaker Lineup for d10e Bucharest

Every day, brilliant men and women all over the globe are finding new and exciting ways to implement blockchain technology into all sectors of the market. D10e Bucharest is proud to announce the addition of one such individual, Chris Bates, to this year’s speaker lineup. Bates is a telecommunications and cyber security expert and Chief Security Officer and president of Bitland Global, an organization described by Forbes magazine as “a bold stab by a bunch of tech pioneers from the US, Denmark, Ghana and further afield at fighting government corruption and empowering people through legal ownership.”

Bitland Global operates out of Khumasi, Ghana, combining automation and blockchain technology to streamline the process of land registration. Bitland’s objective is to help the residents of Ghana settle land disputes peacefully and voluntarily. They plan to expand throughout the African continent and beyond, looking to “build infrastructure in developing countries to potentially unlock billions of dollars in untapped property rights.”

Like many in the disruptive technology sector, Chris is a huge advocate for decentralization, stating that “Large scale decentralization will force new paradigms of design and development. Decentralization by proxy takes much more cooperation, and as decentralized systems are adopted more, the by-product will be more economic cooperation. I have heard many people in the tech world use the term ‘cooperation’ as the new emerging paradigm.”

Bates estimates it will take about a decade for decentralization to become the norm in Africa, explaining that “While Africa as a continent is primed for decentralized applications conceptually, the trust that comes with brand names and organizational hierarchies still usurps complete decentralization as I have observed, so I am hesitant to rush to say that dApps are going to be mainstream within the next 5 years.”

Chris joins a powerful lineup of the world’s leading minds in discussing the growing importance of disruptive technology and decentralization. To see the entire list of speakers and purchase tickets, visit


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