Sunday , February 18 2018
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Companies will need to spend 172 hours a month simply on GDPR data searches

A significant number of EU businesses are sleepwalking towards massive penalties due to a lack of awareness of the scale of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) data collection challenge. This is a central finding of a major report released today by Senzing, the California-based software technology company. The research …

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The Cost of Shutting Down the Internet: China Biggest Loser

New research by Website Builder Expert, the leading online resource for creating and launching your website, has revealed the countries with the most to lose if someone actually broke the internet. The study compares the most recent data on 22 countries with a substantial e-commerce presence, with eMarketer statistics to …

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Mobile and broadband consumers could save over £3bn a year

Consumer saving company ctrlio (pronounced control-ee-o) launched its 2017 Mobile and Broadband Consumer Report based on a sample from over 230,000 searches made on ctrlio’s website. Key findings from the report include: UK mobile consumers could be saving up to £3.7bn on their mobile and £3.4bn on their broadband contracts despite …

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UK businesses confess to ‘late payment’ double standards

Many UK businesses are demanding speedy payments from their business customers despite not paying their own suppliers on time, research from eProcurement software company Wax Digital has shown. While 64% of senior finance managers have ‘sacked’ customers for consistent late payment and 41% have delayed paying wages, only 27% always pay their …

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FinTech leaders reveal over-hyped trends and 2018 predictions

Leaders in Financial Services and FinTech from across the world today reveal their thoughts on the FinTech fads of the last 12 months and their predictions for 2018. In a report by global PR & digital marketing agency FleishmanHillard, 30 experts from brands including Ant Financial, Citi, Ripple, Santander, Western Union, …

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Millennials invest better than you: investment lessons for mum and dad

Think of the word ‘Millennials’ and what comes to mind? Probably something along the lines of avocados, Netflix binges and high-functioning poverty. If you listen to the average media report, the millennial generation are a hapless mess, stuck in grotty rented properties, eating Pot Noodles and begging their parents for …

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Market Invoice: “UK businesses facing global freeze”

Findings from business finance company MarketInvoice reveal that 73% of invoices sent by UK businesses to EU firms were paid late, up from 40.4% in 2016. Across the Atlantic, the number of invoices paid late by business in the USA increased from 45.7% in 2016 to 71% in 2017. Tellingly, the number of …

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