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Black Manta Capital Launches the World’s First Fully-Digital Private Bond Using Blockchain Tech

Francis Bignell
Lares Digital Bonds offer 3.5-year 7%-fixed annual-yield securities, in an aggregate amount of £15million to help create affordable housing. This comes as a result of...

GoCardless Survey Highlights the Domino Effect of Late Payments on UK Business

Tyler Smith
New #research from the account-to-account payments provider @GoCardless suggests that a single late payment doesn't just affect the business immediately involved, but triggers a domino...

Ohpen: Unlocking Sustainable Finance – Why Digital-First Ecosystems Are Key To Enabling Green Growth

The Fintech Times
Jan-Lamber Voortman of @Ohpen, discusses how financial institutions can better fund cleaner, more sustainable initiatives, and suggests the forms of technology available to them that...