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London is being hailed as the global centre of fintech. Leading disrupting actors such as Funding Circle, Transferwise, Nutmeg, and Mondo have chosen London as their home, creating a stimulating ecosystem that other fintech startups can benefit from. The British capital currently hosts 17 of the top 50 fintech companies in the world, and it is the biggest existing cluster of successful fintech companies.

Combating Fraud with Tokenised Identities

 by Suresh Rajagopalan, President Software Products, FSS for The Fintech Times Secure national identity infrastructure is foundational to delivering the benefits of a digital economy, where the bulk of transactions involve online interactions between remote entities. Whilst citizens in developed countries take identity for granted, in emerging markets governments are …

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74% of survey respondents wrongly assume banks use Artificial Intelligence to detect money laundering

New research by BAE Systems has found that 74% of business customers think banks use machine learning and artificial intelligence to spot money laundering. In reality banks rely on human investigators to manually sift through alerts – a hard-to-believe fact selected only by 31% of respondents. This lack of automation and …

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Payment industry certifies record number of security systems in fight against fraud

The number of payment card Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) systems, which meet the new industry standard has passed 200 for the first time, highlighting the growing worldwide emphasis on security. Figures from the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council(PCI SSC) reveal that 202 systems worldwide have now been certified under the P2PE …

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The Emerging Payments Association (EPA), with the support of its Benefactor, Saxo Payments Banking Circle, has launched a vital resource for early stage FinTech and PayTech companies. The EPA FinTech Regulation Helpline, which will be resourced by Banking Circle and Lipis Advisors, is set to provide useful guidance to help …

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“There are definitely lessons that incumbents and fintechs can learn from one another…”

Kevin Russell, UK Proposition Director, SEI Wealth Platform, for The Fintech Times. How is fintech is reshaping asset & wealth management industries? Two industries shrouded in legacy and well-known for slow evolution have received a wakeup call with the surge of new fintech firms globally, accelerating innovation at an unprecedented …

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MindArk Deeptoken: New Cryptocurrency for Virtual Worlds

By Henrik Nel, CEO, and David Simmonds, Vice-Chairman & Business Development, for The Fintech Times. What is the problem that you’re solving? DeepToken will be utilised as an alternative deposit and withdrawal mechanism for players in the Entropia Universe. Using DeepToken will give them lower transaction fees, and thanks to …

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Farmatrust: Saving Lives, Building Trust

FarmaTrust is a global tracking system which aims to provide security and efficiency benefits to the pharmaceutical companies, governments, regulators and the public, and also to ensure that counterfeit drugs do not enter the supply chain. We caught up with Raja Sharif, founder and CEO; Peter Bryant, COO; and Shahnawaz …

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