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by Kate Goldfinch, Editor of The Fintech Times BENEFITS • Low transaction fees, fast worldwide transfers, financial transparency, high level of security, and no borders – are the bene ts of crypto and blockchain world. • The main bene t will be disintermediation; eliminating middlemen, and bringing permissionless financial infrastructure …

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Fine Art Exhibition Works To Be Sold Solely In Cryptocurency

In a world first, sales of work at an upcoming Mayfair fine art exhibition will be conducted solely in cryptocurrency. Requiem for the Emblem of Power by British artist Paul Wager will commemorate the centenary of the end of the First World War through a series of high-impact, constructivist paintings and …

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Vaultbank Introduces Debit VB MasterCard for Everyday Cryptocurrency Transactions

SINGAPORE / SAN FRANCISCO — JANUARY 25, 2018 — Vaultbank (, the next-generation suite of financial solutions, has announced the upcoming launch of the Vaultbank debit VB MasterCard, which supports cryptocurrency transactions. Vaultbank’s debit VB MasterCard is compatible  with point-of-sale terminals, offering card holders the ability to spend various cryptocurrencies …

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Belarus Legalizes ICOs, Cryptocurrencies and Smart Contracts

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has signed the Decree “On Digital Economy Development” that legalizes ICO, cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. Adoption of the Decree makes Belarus the first world’s jurisdiction with the overall legal regulation of businesses based on blockchain technology. “Having adopted the Decree, Belarus becomes one of the world’s most comfortable …

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Behind the Scenes of an ICO: Why do some succeed and others falter?

ICOs are being used by startups to raise billions to get their projects off the ground. Some are successful, while some falter. Lars Lien, CEO of Luckbox expresses his opinion on factors that influence ICOs’ success: Engage your community from day one. The clue is in the title – “crowdsale”. We were …

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Robert Braun: Cryptocurrencies – Do they have Staying Power?

Cryptocurrencies – not just bitcoin, but any of the hundreds of different currencies that have been created using blockchain technology – have caught the imagination of the public. There are, seemingly, daily articles that predict either the demise of all traditional currencies in favor of cryptocurrencies, and just as many …

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