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Why Project Dunbar Is One of the Industry’s Most Significant Partnerships

Tyler Smith
In a bid to test the use of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) in regards to international settlements, a #partnership has been formed between #BISInnovationHub,...

AllianceBlock’s Roadmap Shows How the Company Will Bridge the Gap Between DeFi and TradFi

Francis Bignell
As the #DeFi industry grows, it disrupts the flow of #TradFi. @AllianceBlock have set out a roadmap to bring the two #financial worlds together. #blockchain...

TOKEN2049 Is Set for Its in-Person Return as Crypto Guest Speakers Are Announced

Francis Bignell
The #crypto focused event, TOKEN2049, has announced some of its speakers as it is set to host an in-person event for the first time since...

The Elrond Network’s Blockchain Security is Improved Following Integration

Francis Bignell
Harnessing technology used across 250 #digitalassets and more than 40 exchanges, @CopperHQ is integrated into @ElrondNetwork's #blockchain. #NFT #MultiPartyComputation #WalledGarden...

Unbanked: How Will Minority Groups Be Able to Trade and Store Bitcoin?

The Fintech Times
As global #fintech firms attempt to extend their services to the #financiallyexcluded, @IamIanKane of @UnbankedHQ details how many are turning to #cryptocurrency to achieve this...

Do Crypto-Based Remittances Really Work?

Tyler Smith
A new #report, courtesy of @MoneyTransfers_, analyses the true capabilities of crypto-based remittances. Do they work? Are they to be trusted? Are crypto-based #remittances really...