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Find out what is happening in the world of blockchain technology that is changing the world.

Get Ready: The Energy Industry is About to Become Sexy Again

Omar Rahim is CEO and Co-Founder of Energi Mine, a startup using Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain to revolutionise the way that energy is purchased and consumed globally. The Fintech Times caught up with him the Energy: Unblocked event to pick his brain. First and foremost, we are here to learn, …

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Fintricity: Blockchain Energy

Alpesh Doshi is Founder and CEO of Fintricity, a fintech consultancy specialising in agile digital transformation. He is a globally renowned thought leader in how organisations can transform and future-proof their business using emerging technologies, particularly around digital, big data & analytics and blockchain. He is focused on innovative thinking …

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Swytch – Leading the Blockchain Energy Worldwide Revolution?

John Clippinger is Chief Innovation Officer and Founder at He has held senior positions in government and large enterprises as well as founding multiple software companies. He recently founded the Token Commons Foundation in Zug Switzerland, where his team is developing protocols for decentralized governance, self-sovereign identity, and the …

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Phore Blockchain is a Game-Changer with its Marketplace Launch

By Thomas Ambler, Co-CEO to the Phore Blockchain project, for The Fintech Times. Phore Blockchain is a fairly new and ambitious project in the rapidly expanding distributed ledger technology (DLT) space. But unlike a myriad of others, Phore Blockchain is a multi-dimensional product with real-world use cases. In fact, their team …

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Unlocking an Energy Revolution?

By Helen Disney, the Founder of Unblocked Events What happens when you put together the old-fashioned, slow-moving energy sector with the fast-paced and cutting edge world of blockchain technology? The discussion at a recent Unblocked Events conference on this topic got stuck into some wide-ranging themes about how our society …

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DasCoin and Julien Fournié Explore the Future of Fashion and the Blockchain at Eiffel Tower Event

A Blockchain dedicated to facilitating and protecting the work of the global fashion industry. DasCoin, the blockchain-based currency at the center of an innovative digital asset system, has invited Haute Couture designer Julien Fournié to inspire a blockchain solution securing the entire fashion design value-chain. The fashion industry, like many, requires confidential sharing of …

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Government of Andhra Pradesh Signs an MOU with Shivom on Emerging Technologies like Blockchain Technology in the Area of FinTech & HealthTech

Indian State is embracing blockchain technology for healthcare research & Financial Inclusion projects on pilot basis with Government of AP in conjunction with Shivom. Shivom is the blockchain-enabled healthcare platform that aims to be the largest unique genomic and healthcare research hub on the planet. It has recently announced a project …

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Anarchy, Blockchain and Utopia

Europe’s first peer reviewed journal dedicated to blockchain publishes its first article. The Journal of the British Blockchain Association (JBBA), Europe’s first peer reviewed journal dedicated to blockchain, publishes its first double blind peer reviewed article: Anarchy, Blockchain and Utopia: A theory of political-socioeconomic systems organised using Blockchain, by Brendan …

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Co-creating the Next Level of the EU Anti-counterfeiting Infrastructure on Blockchain: the 2018 EU Blockathon Challenge

Intellectual property rights (IPR) intensive industries contribute 42 % to the EU’s GDP and directly or indirectly support 38 % of jobs. Infringements of intellectual property, such as counterfeiting and piracy, significantly harm EU growth, costing legitimate businesses EUR 90 billion and reducing employment by around 800 000 jobs every year. Consumers are often confused about whether a product …

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