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Case Study: Ward Hadaway, the Tech Nation Visa and What They’re Doing to Fuel Digital Innovation

With nearly 20 years’ experience in IT infrastructure transformation, Krishna Kopuru was working as an Enterprise Architect in the UK office of an international business consultancy. Having built up this wealth of experience, his future intention was to start his own consulting firm in the North of England.

Ward Hadaway recently helped Mr Kopuru owner of Sreeven Solutions Limited, obtain his endorsement and visa owner.

He was unable to pursue this ambition whilst sponsored by his employer, but through a friend and through research, became aware of the Tech Nation visa. With Ward Hadaway’s support, Mr Kopuru prepared the supporting documents, CV and personal statement required to demonstrate his credentials as a digital transformation expert, with a particular focus on his work in the fintech sector, leading projects for financial service providers in the UK and overseas. As a result, he found it to be a “very well structured process” which “validates the applicant’s credentials in terms of his skills and his future plans in the UK and how these will contribute to the UK economy”.

Throughout the application process, Tech Nation is particularly keen to understand how the applicant has made a significant impact on their digital community, be that in the UK or overseas, as well as how their planned activities in the UK will benefit the UK digital technology sector, as well as the UK digital economy.

Another who was granted this visa with the help of Ward Hadaway had a background in technology and cyber security, mainly in financial services, online and digital services and products. At the time of applying, his role was to provide strategic cyber security advisory services to financial service providers in the UK.

In his view, the Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visa “is very beneficial, as it can provide an easier route for obtaining a UK visa which is not limited to specific employer or employment restrictions”. This visa type is ideal for “career driven individuals with clear ideas and a career plan, capable of demonstrating a significant individual contribution to the UK fintech sector, based on their individual experience and skill”.

Since 2018’s application cycle opened on 6th April 2018, the Home Office’s statistics to 7th September 2018 reveal that 201 applications for endorsement in digital technology have been received and 83 endorsements have been granted, meaning that there are hundreds more of these visas available for the right individuals.


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