Brickowner Launch Crowdfunding Campaign On Seedrs

Brickowner announce its latest crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs, raising money to complete the next milestones in their business. So far, the business has built a fully automated investment platform, with over one hundred investors across four properties and has funded over £280,000 in property investments using solely word of mouth.

Brickowner allows investors to invest in sophisticated property investments from as little as £100, accessing exclusive investments managed by reputable property managers. Unlike many platforms, Brickowner provides access to both equity (owning part of a property) and debt (loaning against a property) across many different property markets (Student, Residential, Commercial) in different locations across the UK. This ensures everyone can access to the best property investments in the UK.

Fred Bristol, CEO of Brickowner says “Given what we have achieved so far, we are excited what this next chapter will bring. We will look to launch our secondary market, grow our team and enhance the platform by listening to feedback and continuing to work with our users. We can’t wait to scale at a time when there has perhaps never been more focus on the difficulties many people, especially the young, face in saving for their future.”

John Wood, a Partner at Cluttons and member of Brickowners Advisory Board writes “We are delighted to be able to bring previously inaccessible and exciting opportunities to people who have never had the chance to invest in property due to the minimums involved or the perceived complexity of each investment.

The platform allows investors to earn a decent return on their investment presented in a way that we can all understand, as an alternative to the low interest rates savers are typically finding are on offer.” Brickowner enables investors and to connect with property managers and choose where they invest their money:

1.     Brickowner target returns of 8%+.

2.     Since the launching the platform all returns have been on target, with a monthly dividend received by investors.

3.     With a total of four fully funded investments funded investors have been able to invest in:

A 120 Bedroom Student Accommodation in Chester. Lent against a property development in Eastbourne. Invest in a Premier Inn in Norwich and a Warehouse let to Wolesely UK. A portfolio of 12 developments across the South East of England.

More Information:



Press Contact: Gareth Ship, Brickowner: [email protected]

About Brickowner:  

Brickowner was founded in 2015. The concept and business has developed considerably since then, as has the property crowdfunding market. Bringing together the insights we’ve gained both in crowdfunding in general, and property crowdfunding more specifically, we believe that in the future there will be multiple successful property crowdfunding platforms, much as there are multiple estate agents.

Brickowner has already differentiated itself by focusing on aggregating retail investments into sums large enough to invest into higher yielding institutional property investments. We decided not to pursue buying and managing our own properties and instead work with established property fund managers so we’re building a more scalable and disruptive business in a specific niche of the investment market.

Whilst on the surface Brickowner is about property crowd funding, we are actually disrupting the institutional property fund management and development sector, which has huge potential for growth and positions us uniquely in this landscape.


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