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Bravura and Moneyhub Take Advantage of Pensions Dashboards Delay

Financial technology provider Bravura, and data and payments platform Moneyhub have partnered in building what is believed to be the first end-to-end Pension Dashboards Programme in the UK. The pensions dashboards technologies was shown to delegates at the Pensions Administration Standards Association‘s (PASA) annual conference at St Paul’s, London.

An Integrated Service Provider (ISP) microservice by Bravura, ‘Dashboards Connect’, will connect and interact with the front-end commercial Pensions Dashboard Service (PDS) from Moneyhub. This collaboration enables it to find and view live pensions data, creating a fully operational front and back-end pensions dashboard. A demo will demonstrate how savers will be able to use a commercial pension dashboard to find and view their pensions.

The pensions dashboard demo was presented during a live panel session ‘Data & Dashboards: Found, Viewed & Queried’ in the afternoon on 2 May 2023. The panel is set to consist of a data provider, a dashboard provider, and an administrator and will cover the end-to-end saver experience of dashboards from each of their perspectives.

During the conference, Bravura also plans to connect its own prototype front-end commercial PDS to its ISP during the demo sessions, highlighting how different dashboards – that offer different tools and services – will provide different journeys and the possibilities this brings to both providers and savers.

March 2023 saw the Pensions Dashboards Programme (PDP) delayed by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). The delay appeared to be down to the complex nature of the infrastructure required – with significantly more time needed to produce something that can serve everyone in the UK.

Taking advantage of the delay: ‘a gift to the industry’
Jonathan Hawkins, Bravura Moneyhub Pensions Dashboard
Jonathan Hawkins, principal consultant and pensions specialist at Bravura

Jonathan Hawkins, principal consultant and pensions specialist at Bravura, explained the importance of collaboration to ensure a positive outcome for consumers.

Hawkins said: “The current delay to the PDP is a gift to the industry and one which should be used wisely. This industry-led collaboration shows how far ISP providers like ourselves and front-end commercial PDS operators like Moneyhub have come since the programme was officially announced and proves that the technology can deliver.

“When dashboards are launched to the public, they will be a huge force for good so it’s important we work together to test and agree the right approach. Millions of people are expected to use dashboards to recover lost or forgotten pensions and much like other digital services, everyone will have a unique journey because of the variation of dashboards which are expected to be available to savers. The regulators and standard-setters must make sure they don’t unintentionally prevent access to the market for forward-looking firms by creating unnecessary barriers that could harm innovation.”

‘Early testing will really add value for the industry’
dan scholey
Dan Scholey, chief commercial officer at Moneyhub

Dan Scholey, chief commercial officer at Moneyhub, added: “We built our Moneyhub CDA at the end of 2022 after being approached by several ISPs wishing to conduct end-to-end testing without having to wait for the PDP CDA to be ready. It’s been fantastic to work with Bravura and its subsidiary Delta as the first ISP to connect to demonstrate how far we’ve come and how close dashboards are to coming into effect.

“We’re entering a crucial phase of the programme now and whilst the data connection staging timeline resets, the fact that two leading providers have come together to move the debate forward takes us more towards the industry-led, government-coordinated, programme that the DWP originally envisaged back in 2019. The industry can’t deliver dashboards on its own, but we can and must test and show what can be done both before and after the regulation kicks in. This early testing will really add value for the industry, but more importantly, for consumers.

“It’s a hugely exciting time to be involved with the dashboards initiative and we’re confident the decisions the FCA and PDP are currently contemplating around things like post-view services and tools will continue to embrace innovation to deliver good outcomes for both consumers and industry.”


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