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Bottlepay App Allows Users to Send and Recieve Sterling and Bitcoin Via Twitter

Bottlepay is the very first app to facilitate sterling or bitcoin payments via Twitter. A single tweet — for example ‘@bottlepay send @recipient £10’ — will instantly send the command to move the specified quantity of sterling from one user’s account to another.

The new sterling social media payment feature means users can send as many or as few pounds as they like to any individual with a Twitter account, without transaction fees.

Recipients of funds via Twitter will receive 100% of the payment, which is not the case with alternative payment services like PayPal, which charge transaction fees. Bottlepay users are now able to tip buskers, support local businesses, donate to charities and send funds to artists and musicians, all in a single tweet and without the need for sharing bank details or other personal details such as addresses. The ability to tweet money will make splitting bills at restaurants easier than ever, and will allow Twitter users to show their followers what they’re up to, which causes they support, and provide a means for encouraging others to make donations.

Pete Cheyne, Founder of Bottlepay, said: “Empowering users to make instant payments to anyone on social media is a revolutionary step towards transforming the global payments infrastructure.
“Today’s consumers want the power to move their money to anyone, immediately, from anywhere in the world. Bottlepay’s social payments are a much-needed update on the clunky, outdated payment systems available up until now, and a leap towards smoother, easier transactions.”

The app, which launched in the UK earlier this year, also allows customers to send and receive Bitcoin through a simple tweet. Unlike other digital payment platforms such as PayPal and Revolut, Bottlepay allows users to deposit their Bitcoin or spend it on tangible goods anywhere in the world (where Bitcoin is accepted on the lightning network) –

The feature supporting users to send sterling via Twitter launches today, and in the coming weeks customers will be able to do the same on Reddit, Discord and Twitch.


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