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BNPL Merchant Availability Expanded With Jifiti BNPL Solution

Any bank, lender and merchant that caters to business customers can now offer BNPL in their own brand, embedded directly into the user journey, without a middleman via Jifiti‘s new business-to-business (B2B) BNPL solution.

With the addition of B2B financing, Jifiti now facilitates every buy now pay later option for banks, lenders and merchants globally, online and in-store, through a single platform. Merchants that would like to offer B2B embedded financing can connect to Jifiti’s platform via e-commerce plugins, a simple API integration or use the company’s zero-integration virtual card technology.

Jifiti is rolling out its B2B solution to multiple partners across international markets, including top retail brands and financial institutions. Merchants can now support their business customers easily and seamlessly, offering them more payment options that were not previously available to them. Business buyers require specialised BNPL solutions as the purchasing amounts are higher, approvals are more complex and they require different loan terms than consumers.

Jifiti’s modular platform supports every BNPL option, including split payments, instalment loans, lines of credit and now B2B loans. As the platform is white-labelled, the financial institution and merchant retain full customer and data ownership and are able to build brand loyalty.

“The B2B market was the next logical step in our journey at Jifiti. We aim to give every customer the financing that best suits their needs. Now, we can help our bank and merchant partners extend that same level of customisation to their business customers through specialised B2Bembedded finance,” stated Yaacov Martin, CEO and co-founder of Jifiti.


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