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Bluevine Connects Accountants To Small Businesses With Launch of New Banking Features

In an attempt to better connect small businesses to their accountants, Bluevine has introduced a new set of business banking features that advocate better accessibility to select account information. 

The Californian fintech launched its latest accounting features to address the various hurdles that stifle the relationship between small businesses and their trusted accountants.

Despite acting as trusted partners for small business owners, and delivering a critical role in ensuring financial health and business development, many accountants spend significant amounts of time and effort tracking down the financial information they need to deliver on this front.

Having to rely on each client’s online banking account information to access data creates an experience rife with friction and security concerns.

With these hurdles in mind, Bluevine’s Accountant Channel has been designed specifically to help accounting professionals more easily serve their small business customers.

The service enables small business owners to grant their accountants access to selected account information through a dedicated login, so long as the owner is already enlisted with a Bluevine Business Checking account.

Through the Accountant Dashboard, accountants can access their clients’ transactions, download bank statements, reconcile transactions and bills and view all relevant contextual information, saving time and providing superior client service.

Designed to improve efficiency and client services for accountants and bookkeepers, a secure login to the Accountant Dashboard generates single-pane view access to all client dashboards and offers easy toggling between clients for all relevant banking information and bulk statement downloads.

Pete Potsos, CPA, senior director of accountant partnerships at Bluevine
Pete Potsos

“We believe partnership with small businesses also means building for accountants and bookkeepers – many of whom are business owners themselves – and the work they do to help small businesses thrive,” said Pete Potsos, the company’s senior director of accountant partnerships.

“Bluevine’s services offer a more efficient, reliable, and secure option for accountants, and we are committed to building tools to remedy accountants’ pain points.”

The launch of the company’s Accountant Channel comes in tandem with the development of its wider account tools.

Back in February, the company unveiled new account features, including account access, bill management, and QuickBooks integration; existing tools that will complement its latest offering.

Plus, Bluevine Business Checking lets customers earn 1.5 per cent interest if they meet a monthly goal, offering rewards that reflect how small businesses use banking solutions and maximise the impact Bluevine has on business growth.

“Accounting teams face challenges in getting the information they need quickly and easily to provide great service for their clients,” said Julie Lepper, co-founder of the US-based tax and accounting firm Lepper & Company.

“In addition to providing easy access to this information, Bluevine tailored the accounting experience on its platform to help accountants bring more operational efficiency to their own workflows and businesses.”


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