Blackmoon Launches Prime Meridian Capital Token
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Blackmoon Launches Prime Meridian Capital Token

Building on the recent launch of their three crypto strategies, Blockchain FinTech company, Blackmoon, has announced the release of its Prime Meridian Capital token (BMxPMR). The BMxPMR token aims to bridge the gap between traditional and crypto investments through the inclusion of high portfolio transparency, flexible monthly liquidity, and audited fund structure.

Available on the Blackmoon Platform Showcase, the BMxPMR token is an asset token tracking the performance of the Prime Meridian Real Estate Lending Fund (the Fund). The Fund is managed by Prime Meridian Capital Management – an alternative lending SEC-registered Investment Advisor with $700 million in assets under management and more than 6 years of track record.

With an annual net return of up to 8% from a secure real estate loan portfolio, Blackmoon’s latest Asset Token also boasts a maintained low default with annualised loss rates.

The Prime Meridian Capital token offers a host of features; including:

●      A solid 6-year track record

●      An SEC-registered Investment Advisor that currently manages $689 million worth of assets

●      High portfolio transparency, making company information on financial reports and investment positions on funds readily available to investors

●      Flexible monthly liquidity, meaning that users aren’t tied down to their investments beyond their will

●      Audited fund structure to give users the opportunity to complete due diligence on companies ahead of any potential investments

Via a personal platform account, verified investors can view the token’s historic results, fund description, strategy and much more.

The token also comes with useful characteristics that may greatly enhance the user’s experience, such as historic result, fund description  and strategy.

The lines between fintech, blockchain and legacy finance are becoming increasingly blurred. The Fintech Times recently invited Dr Maxim Orlovsky (Founder and Director of Pandora Boxchain project and Pandora Foundation) to share his thoughts on the current situation which you can read in his article; Blockchain, or the modern Frankenstein?


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