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Bidooh Tokens to List on OKEx Partner Exchange CoinAll and DDEX Exchange

Bidooh, a real-time, real-audience, digital billboard advertising platform, is pleased to announce that its DOOH Token has been admitted to list on CoinAll, a partner exchange of global leader OKEx, and DDEX, a world-leading decentralised exchange.

The exchange listings follow the completion of Bidooh’s ICO in December 2018 and have been planned to coincide with the distribution of tokens to ICO participants starting on 21 January 2019.

Bidooh is the world’s first facial analysis, digital billboard software platform on the blockchain. Its platform uses GDPR-compliant, anonymised facial analysis to provide targeted digital billboard advertisements. Live in multiple locations with partnerships across the globe, the platform promises to revolutionise the $34.8bn Out-of-Home (“OOH”) advertising industry through democratisation, engagement and transparency.

CoinAll Exchange

Bidooh’s DOOH Token has been admitted to list on CoinAll, a white-label sister exchange of OKEx, the world’s second largest digital asset exchange handling over US$500 million worth of daily trades (CoinMarketCap) and serving users in over 100 countries.

OK Blockchain Capital, the investment arm of OKEx, is a large and supportive holder of DOOH Tokens as well as an advertiser on Bidooh’s digital billboard platform. The initial admission to list on CoinAll is a new requirement of the OKEx listing process. It will make Bidooh’s tokens accessible to OKEx’s shared userbase of 20 million registered users, all of whom are able to trade on CoinAll without further registration. 

DDEX Exchange

Bidooh is also pleased to announce the admission of its DOOH Token on DDEX, a decentralised exchange for secure trading in Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens. 

DDEX has been selected due to its decentralised nature and Bidooh’s commitment to removing barriers to trade its tokens. DDEX facilitates the secure trading of tokens without the need to share personal information or deposit tokens in order to fill an order. This provides further liquidity to DOOH Tokens and, through a shared focus on democratisation, aligns with Bidooh’s core value of opening up the Out-of-Home advertising industry to businesses of all sizes. 

Direct Token Sales on Bidooh Platform

Following the completion of the ICO in December 2018, Bidooh continues to sell its tokens within the Group’s own platform via a proposed commercially controlled pricing schedule available here: A single Bidooh DOOH Token purchases a 10 second advert on the Bidooh platform at a price that is 14x cheaper than the fiat price of 1.4 cent, equating to $0.001 per token. As the Bidooh network continues to expand and demand in the DOOH Token increases, the Group plans to increase the price at which it sells the DOOH Token on its platform with a target of US$1 by February 2021. 

William Lee, Listing Manager of CoinAll, commented: “We’ve been watching Bidooh since the very beginning, it’s very rare to see a project live with an MVP and already servicing clients. We have been very impressed with the team and the backing they have from Michael Edelson. As a result, we are very happy that they have chosen to list with CoinAll Exchange. We are always keen to support exciting projects and wish Bidooh all the success for the future.”

Abdul Alim, co-founder and CEO of Bidooh, commented: “The listing of DOOH Tokens on the CoinAll and DDEX exchanges marks a significant milestone for Bidooh following our successful ICO. The size and scope of these exchanges’ userbases is very impressive and should provide a high level of liquidity capable of meeting demand for our tokens. This strengthens our token ecosystem and furthers the case for participants in the ICO to keep following this exciting growth story as we continue to roll out our transformative digital billboard platform around the globe.”


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