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Benefits of Treasury Management Solutions in the Finance Industry

Within the finance industry, treasury management solutions really are important due to the sums of money involved. Any delay in the clearance of a check slows down the availability of the funds in question. In a best-case scenario, this is only slightly disappointing for a client but in a worst-case scenario, it can cause them to question why fund clearance is taking longer and the implications of it.

No finance company can afford to look out of touch with the latest technology. So, let’s take a look at the benefits of using treasury management solutions.

Remote Deposit Capture

Having to send a valuable member of staff down to the bank on a daily basis to making a physical check deposit, either through a corporate automatic deposit process or by seeing a cashier, is a pain. Their time can be much better spent.

Using a smartphone, tablet or flatbed scanner to scan a check while still in the office makes light work of the task. It reduces staff costs involved with depositing funds. It also has the added benefit of speeding up the clearance of the check too. Not only are digital checks easier to deal with on the banking side, but they can be validated using sophisticated heuristic algorithms that confirm the likelihood of its validity based on past banking behavior and other useful metrics.

Advanced Payment Processing

Corporation relations necessitate an efficient payment processing facility to allow finance companies to credit investors’ accounts with deposited funds sooner. This way, their clients can use the deposited funds to make select investments or take other actions like purchasing financial products or services from the company.

For companies that stretch their cashflow significantly, any increase in the speed that funds can be deposited and cleared in their account is a major plus point too.

Smooth Onboard Process

With a smooth onboarding process for treasury management, companies can switch to a new provider with ease. Faster deposits and clearance of funds improves their cashflow and reduces annoying delays or bottlenecks. When deposited funds are available sooner, banking or investment fees are collected quicker too.

Busy financial companies wish to make their lives easier, not harder. Therefore, treasury management onboarding processes and subsequent day-to-day management of facilities must not be cumbersome or hard to learn and start using. If it is, a new financial services company will abandon the onboarding process and return to their old provider even if they were dissatisfied with their service, its speed or delivery.

Whether you need to clear client funds sooner or require sufficient working capital to keep up with a growing financial services business, money velocity matters to companies in this fast-moving environment. With smartphones in seemingly everyone’s hands now, delays just aren’t acceptable and often will lead to customer service complaints and perhaps a loss of confidence, or the client. As such, financial companies should be mindful of the need to embrace the latest technological improvements in treasury management services that can benefit their core business and its clients.


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