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Behind the Idea: Beyon Cyber

The development of technology over the years has raised the risk of digital systems falling prey to cyber criminals. As a result, more and more organisations are turning to security experts for safeguarding from the growing threats.

Beyon Cyber is a private cyber defence operation in the Kingdom of Bahrain with a complete cyber security portfolio and certified cyber defenders. A part of the Beyon Group, it has over 14 years of experience in cyber operations and is connected globally with 16 security operation centres (SOCs). The Fintech Times sat down with Dr Shaikh Khalid bin Daij Al Khalifa, Beyon Cyber’s CEO to learn about how the company is helping solve the growth of cyber crime.

Tell us more about your company and its offering
Dr Shaikh Khalid bin Daij Al Khalifa, Beyon Cyber's CEO
Dr Shaikh Khalid bin Daij Al Khalifa, CEO, Beyon Cyber

Beyon Cyber is an end-to-end cyber security solutions provider and the largest private SOC in the Kingdom of Bahrain. We are part of the Beyon Group – a Bahrain-based technology powerhouse group that is enabling digital transformation across the MENA region through access to connectivity and digital growth solutions.

We have more than 14 years of experience in protecting Bahrain’s most critical communications digital infrastructure and host a team of certified, accredited and well-experienced staff. Our team has extensive knowledge of nationwide systems and is certified in multiple domains including SANS (100 per cent certified specialists), SABSA, CISSP, CISM, OSCP and Microsoft among others.

Our services include cyber assurance, cyber defense, cyber engineering, OT (operational technology) security, advisory and consulting. Consequently, we aim to deliver future-proof cybersecurity solutions that are simple, reliable and effective, enabling organisations to unlock the full potential of digital transformation.

To ensure comprehensive solutions for our clients, we continually seek alliances with global specialists and currently have strategic partnerships with 20 of the top 50 cybersecurity providers in the world.

What problem was your company set up to solve?

Digitisation in the modern world has brought many benefits and challenges. Organisations are using digital transformation to innovate and generate new market opportunities. However, as digital connectivity and transformation increases, the risk of digital threats, disruptions and theft of critical data becomes greater.

Moreso criminals can now conduct malicious digital crimes through hacking, identity theft, malware, and numerous other methods. They do so all while having access to minimal resources, sitting behind a computer screen thousands of miles away from the target.

The development of technology over the years has raised the risk of digital systems falling prey to cyber criminals as evidenced by the increasing frequency of large scale cyber-attacks as seen around the world.

At Beyon Cyber our objective is to safeguard governments and enterprises from digital threats. We utilise a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity technology and expertise to protect systems, networks, and digital infrastructure from cyber attacks.

This allows organisations to focus on their core mission and deliver on their business objectives without worrying about cyber threats. Today, most organisations are looking for a security partner that does not only provide compliance with security regulations but addresses real cyber security challenges faced by them on a daily basis. Beyon Cyber aims to fill this void in the market by providing world-class cyber security services.

Since launch, how has your company evolved?

We were initially established in early 2008 as part of the cyber security unit for Batelco (a Bahrain-based telecommunications company). In 2022, we officially launched as an independent company, expanding our capabilities to offer cybersecurity protection to businesses across the Kingdom of Bahrain and the wider region.

In a span of just 18 months, we have delivered cyber security services to nearly 50 customers across all sectors. This includes six of the top 10 Banks in the country. We have also acquired a well-known cyber security company (DTS – Solutions) as part of our rapid expansion strategy. In fact, 2023 is already a landmark year for us as we have been rated as the fastest-growing company in the Middle East by Deloitte, among numerous other awards.

We will also be launching our operations in KSA, Maldives, Jordan and other regions in the coming months. Among the services offered by Beyon Cyber, we proudly provide MDR services through EXPEL. This is especially important as at least 50 per cent of all organizations will adopt MDR services in the next couple of years. Through our exclusive partnership with EXPEL, this opens up a multi-billion dollar opportunity for us in the region.

What’s in store for the future?

Given our rapid growth and the increasing need for comprehensive cybersecurity solutions in the region, we hope to expand into more neighbouring Middle Eastern markets in the near future.

So far, we have engaged in strategic partnerships to increase our geographic footprint while allowing for time to gain insights about each market and develop the best strategies to execute. Shortening the learning curve once we hit the ground running in a new market is a key focus for us, so we are hopeful that all our preparations will pay off very soon.


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