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Bankart and Nets Ready to Deliver on European Vision of Making Instant Payments the New Normal

Nets, a market leader in the European payments industry, and Bankart, a leading Slovenian company in the field of processing of modern payment instruments, are ready to go live with an instant payment solution in Slovenia after final approval from the Slovenian Central Bank. In February, Bankart will go live with Nets´ RealTime24/7, enabling transactions between Slovenian banks to be cleared in less than a second.

Paul Francis Walvik-Joynt, Senior Vice President, Payments International, Nets, says: “Nets is proud that our client Bankart has announced that it has been approved by the Slovenian Central Bank to go live with a new payment system based on our RealTime24/7 Instant Payment platform.”

As well as delivering the Instant Payment module, which means that payments between any two bank accounts in Slovenia can be cleared in less than a second, Bankart will also be processing regular credit transfers exchanged in files such as bill payments, salary pay-outs and pensions in its new payment platform.

New services

The implementation of the RealTime24/7 clearing system from Nets has enabled Bankart to pave the way for an entirely new payments infrastructure, where a variety of payments services can be integrated into mobile solutions, request for payments and more.

Aleksander Kurtevski, Managing Director, Bankart, says: “We will deliver a future proof solution developed for a whole new ecosystem that enables innovative new services. This will ensure that the Slovenian community will have access to services with a great user experience and that payments remain cost effective.

“Instant payments are an evolution and the future of payments, and Bankart is proud to deliver this to the Slovenian market in cooperation with Nets,” Kurtevski continues.

Exciting developments in the European market

Nets has won instant payment tenders in several European countries, with Italy and Denmark already live and Hungary and Slovenia to launch in 2019. The implementation in Slovenia puts Nets among the top providers of European instant payment platforms.

Nets sees great potential in the RealTime24/7 platform and is currently engaging with clients globally who have discovered the business potential of instant payments ecosystems and the merits of the platform in terms of speed, fast delivery and low TCO.

“The experiences from our current deployments have given us an excellent product in RealTime24/7, with an open architecture permitting easy customer delivery of services in a trusted environment to benefit users,” adds Walvik-Joynt. “The final preparations and impending go-live in Slovenia shows that implementation of instant payment solutions will continue to spread across the Nordics, Europe and the world.”


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