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Interview: Ammar Akthar, CEO & Founder at Yobota

Loans, mortgages and other financial products are not as good as they could be, and they take way too long to build and cost too much. We’re changing that. We’ve built a super fast and cloud-based operating platform for financial service providers, to help them build what they want, faster and cheaper. 

Yobota makes building financial products easier for banks, but our support extends to car manufacturers and major retailers – in fact, anyone that sells financial products. With the Yobota platform, these organisations can design and build the financial products that they want to offer their customers, and run their entire book end to end.

Like any fintech startup, the major challenge we face is disrupting an incredibly well established sector. Trying to change the way financial products are manufactured and function is complex enough on its own, but when you’re trying to change the way banks think and act, it’s a tough slog.

Then, of course, being a startup, hiring is a challenge. Getting the right talent through the door, and quickly, is difficult.

We’ve just recently helped build and launch Livelend – a new loan provider that’s able to price unsecured loans very competitively. LiveLend can adjust terms for its customers in ‘real time’, in a way that has never been done before.

We’re enabling ordinary people to get a better deal on financial products, by helping the banks and companies that create them to build better products, for less. A Yobota powered loan, for example, is always going to be better for the end consumer. Let’s say someone has a Yobota powered loan, and they move home to be closer to work. We can improve their rate in real time, as we know that people who live closer to work are ‘lower risk’. It’s that simple.


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