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Alviere Launches The HIVE so any Business can Become a Bank

Alviere introduces a complete, single-integration financial technology platform enabling companies worldwide to offer financial services.

Ensuring long-term customer retention while simultaneously increasing revenue and reducing cost is the holy grail for any business. Today, companies around the world, in all industries and sizes, are looking to position their businesses beyond the Coronavirus pandemic. Emerging technology has made it easier than ever to embed financial services within existing businesses, as a way to create new revenue streams, attract new customers and retain existing customers. Whether you’re a cable provider, a hotel chain, a gaming platform, or any company serving a loyal consumer market, embedding financial offerings is an attractive next step to the evolution of their business. But there is one problem: Enabling financial services is hard. Alviere makes it easy.

Alviere, a new financial technology company based in Cleveland, Ohio and Lisbon, Portugal, announced the launch of The HIVE – a plug and play, single-integration software platform that streamlines and automates the delivery of a broad array of financial products and services. The HIVE enables any business that wants to offer financial services to do so quickly and efficiently.

Alviere’s HIVE is a comprehensive technology suite that, like its name, is designed to be a hub for any financial products and services. The HIVE is powered by an advanced, robust, high-velocity ledger, as well as an AI-based fraud protection and identity management engine that provides powerful oversight, compliance and marketing functions. It was built from the ground up to be easily deployed in any geography, any country and in any regulatory framework.

The HIVE provides customers with API access to its state-of-the-art technology on which businesses can launch their own branded financial offerings while leveraging Alviere’s expertise in finance and its partnerships with financial institutions and technologies. The HIVE offers deep connectivity into the financial system, as well as safety, reliability and scalability.

Businesses can choose from a full, available catalogue of products and services including:

  • Banking via FDIC-insured direct deposit accounts

  • Accounting, automated reconciliation & treasury

  • Business intelligence and analytics

  • Card processing and gateway ACH/EFT

  • Multi-currency, cross-border payments

  • Debit and Prepaid card issuing services and more

“We know from our own experience the pain it takes to get a financial service to market, so we launched Alviere and The HIVE to help companies like us to alleviate the pain. We’re excited to announce the launch of The HIVE, which is the most advanced and complete Financial Services as a Platform (FsaP) on the market today. It’s much more than Banking-as-a-Service, incorporating many more capabilities than similar offerings,” said Yuval Brisker, co-founder and CEO of Alviere.

Examples of traditional businesses searching for alternative or streamlined ways to offer financial services include: a supermarket chain that wants to help its immigrant customers send money abroad without the price gouging of a Western Union; a gaming platform that wants to give its users the ability to easily load and store the money they use on the platform and then instantly withdraw it; or a cable company that wants to strengthen its relationship with its customers and attract new customers by bundling a direct deposit bank account and debit card that powers a discount loyalty program.

“However, what’s most exciting is that The HIVE is fully developed, proven to work at scale and immediately available for deployment to business customers everywhere, regardless of where they are in the world.” added Brisker.

Alviere was co-founded and is led by Yuval Brisker and Pedro Silva, two enterprise software veterans, who have successfully built and sold a B2B SaaS company to Oracle. Brisker and Silva have brought together a team of top professionals with extensive experience in technology development, sales and marketing, banking, finance, compliance and regulatory affairs.

Alviere is immediately available for deployment across the US and Canada, and will be expanding by year-end.


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