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Allston Trading Advances Innovation and Execution with Corvil

Allston Trading has selected Corvil to provide visibility, analytics, and reporting to optimise its systems and infrastructure and to assure trading performance amidst rapid technology innovation.

Sitting at the intersection of financial strategy and high-technology, Allston has an enviable track-record for attracting world-class talent and creating an environment where innovative and collaborative professionals thrive.  A crucial component of its market-beating approach is to invest in technologies to empower its high-performance teams to continually innovate robust solutions that deliver superior transaction outcomes.

“We remain acutely focused on evolving our trading technology to maintain our strong competitive advantage,” says Steve Lazzo, Chief Technology Officer, Allston Trading.  “Corvil helps us advance our strategic innovation plan by providing real-time visibility across our environment, enabling us to address issues before they cost us time and money, and by allowing us to determine where we get the best return on investment for development.  When assessing whether to build or buy tools for effective and efficient operations, Corvil proved a very compelling option for improving trading performance and lowering our OpEx.”

With highly automated, highly accelerated systems processing very large volumes of data, Allston sought to bolster capabilities in understanding the relationship between technology performance and its real-time impact on business outcomes.  Corvil, as the gold standard, machine-time analytics for financial institutions across the globe, was selected as a trusted technology partner in delivering systematic granular visibility and insights across its complex, distributed systems.

Corvil will measure and monitor end-to-end transaction performance and provide proactive oversight of execution quality across various venues to enable teams to optimize trade routing decisions.  Corvil’s analytics-driven workflows for rapid problem identification, isolation, and resolution will reduce risk of service quality degradation and  outages.  Corvil will also be used to measure and assure behavior profiles of new algorithms and software that automate various tasks, such as price analysis and order execution.

“We believe that companies who understand and can correlate the relationship between business outcomes and underlying technology performance have a significant advantage,” said David Murray, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer at Corvil.  “We are delighted Allston has chosen Corvil to help drive optimization in areas where improved performance delivers commercial benefit and reduced time to market for new strategic technology.”


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